Does Princess Charlotte Have to Take Etiquette Lessons?

It’s no secret Meghan Markle had to take etiquette lessons before she could marry Prince Harry back in May. In fact, royal watchers around the world became obsessed with the protocol she had to learn before marrying into the royal family.

But what about those who are born into the royal family? Do they have royal standards imprinted in their genes? Or do they have to learn how to behave?

These questions, of course, make us think about our favorite royal toddler, Princess Charlotte. Does the fourth in line for the throne have to take the same etiquette lessons her aunt Meghan did?

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte | Kensington Royal via Instagram

For starters, will she have etiquette lessons at all?

Yes — but they aren’t as intense as you may think.

Parents Prince William and Kate Middleton want their children to experience as much privacy and aspects of a “normal” childhood as possible. This means Charlotte and her older brother, Prince George, are taken to school by one of their parents and go on everyday errands like grocery runs and back-to-school shopping. Recently, the two young royals were seen rummaging through their mother’s purse for toys at Prince William’s polo match.

Make no mistake, though. Etiquette training for the precocious young royal is already in full swing.

What do these lessons contain?

According to etiquette expert Myka Meier, both George and Charlotte have already learned some basic royal rules, like how to properly seat and eat at the dining room table. Meier told People ahead of the royal wedding the youngsters also rehearse from a young age how to properly behave at formal events and at church. This includes sitting still, keeping their voice levels in check, and of course, knowing when to bow or curtsy.

And as any devoted royal watcher knows, Princess Charlotte has already mastered some royal protocol on her own …

What etiquette has she picked up on her own?

It’s no secret Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. On top of incredibly similar facial features, the princess also has a habit of mimicking her “Gan Gan’s” mannerisms. Of course, the most noticeable trait Charlotte has picked up is the “Windsor Wave” which she put on display at the Trooping the Colour festivities and on her first visit to the hospital to meet new baby brother Prince Louis. The Trooping the Colour scene was most telling, as Charlotte very clearly watches the queen wave to the crowd, and decides she should wave as well.

Suffice to say, Princess Charlotte’s etiquette training appears to be right on schedule.

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