Does ‘The Batman’ Have a Post-Credit Scene? It’s Complicated

Viewers cannot watch Marvel or DC Comics superhero movies without expecting a scene after credits roll. So as fans rush to the theaters to see Matt Reeves’ The Batman with Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), and The Riddler (Paul Dano), they want to know what to expect after the ending. However, the answer to if fans can look forward to The Batman post-credit scene is a little more complicated than yes or no.


Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz at a special screening of 'The Batman,' that has no post-credits scene
Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz | Mike Marsland/WireImage

Does ‘The Batman’ Have a Post-Credit Scene?

The Batman does not have a post-credits scene, but it does have a post-credits sequence. Kind of. The after-credits scene is not the usual teaser for upcoming DC Comics adaptations or The Batman sequel, though. The Batman has no mid-credits scene.

The credits roll after Pattinson’s Dark Knight fights to save Gotham City with Zoë Kravitz‘s Selina Kyle and Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). The Batman cast and director’s names scroll by, but the Riddler has one more message for patient viewers who wait until the very end.

One of the Riddler’s notorious question mark text cursors appears.

In DC Comics, Riddler has left clues, hints, and calling cards for Batman and Robin since his debut in Detective Comics #140 in 1948. Seeing his symbol again seems like he’s leaving one last clue for audiences to follow.

Then, The Batman post-credits scene goes wild. The words “Good Bye” appear on the screen, followed by a chaotic jumble of images.

What appears in the after-credits sequence for Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight movie?

While Robert Pattinson’s The Batman post-credit scene does not include any new footage, the images remain interesting nonetheless. A URL appears among the sequence in The Batman post-credits scene.

“It’s a little difficult to decipher,” HITC reported. “It looks just like the URL for the Riddler’s site – El Rata Alada – that plays an important role in The Batman.”

In The Batman trailers, the Riddler left clues for viewers. Fans quickly deciphered them, leading them to a website.

The internet hunt led to fans discovering the message to be “You are el rata alada.”

“‘El rata alada’ is Spanish for ‘the winged rat,’ which is a common (although incorrect) epithet for the animals among bat-haters. But ‘you are el’ is phonetically the same as ‘URL,’ leading folks to see if ‘’ held any surprises,” Gizmodo reported.

The website is a text-based, MS-DOS-inspired website run by the Riddler. He invites fans to solve three riddles. However, the site went up long before the movie released. If The Batman URL in the post-credits scene leads back to the Riddler’s website, it seems a bit anti-climatic.

Until fans manage to slow down The Batman post-credits scene, the majority of its meaning will remain a mystery.

What does ‘The Batman’ post-credit scene mean?

While The Batman post-credits scene does not confirm a sequel or tease more to come directly, it could hint at something more.

If the URL in the after-credits scenes leads back to the Riddler’s website, then it could possibly hide more than Gotham City Police Department sketches of the Batman.

HBO Max already has plans for The Batman spinoff shows featuring The Penguin (Colin Ferrell), Jim Gordon, and the GCPD.

The first fans caught The Batman post-credits scene (or sequence) on March 1, with everyone else catching it on March 4, 2022.

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