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  • One Piece Episode 1016 is going to be a recap show
  • One Piece Episode 1015 was one of the best episodes of the anime ever
  • What’s coming up for Roof Piece
One Piece Episode 1016 will put previous events of the Wano arc in focus with a recap episode.
‘One Piece’ Wano arc key visual | Crunchyroll

One Piece Episode 1016 is coming off of the heels of one of the greatest episodes of any anime ever behind the direction of Megumi Ishitani, but it won’t follow up on the hype that last week’s episode set. One Piece 1016 will be titled “A Special Episode to Admire Zoro-senpai and Sanji-senpai! Barto’s Secret Room 2!” and will be a recap-focused episode that will highlight Zoro and Sanji’s contributions in the Wano arc so far.

‘One Piece’ Episode 1016 will be a filler recap episode

One Piece Episode 1016 might not even be officially billed as episode 1016 if the first “Barto’s Secret Room” is any indication. That episode came in between episodes 1004 and 1005, and on Crunchyroll, it’s called “Episode SP.” This episode was a gag episode that focused on Otama and Straw Hat Navy and superfan Bartolomeo as they recapped some of the events and happenings of the Wano arc. The episode aired shortly after the raid on Onigashima began, but it focused on earlier events in the arc.

This episode coming up, as evidenced by the preview, will focus on two of the power hitters in the Straw Hat Pirates crew – Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji. These two characters played a huge role in the Wano arc, with several highlights to display. While this next episode might not advance the plot, it will offer fans an opportunity to reflect on how far the Wano arc has come since it started in chapter 909 of the manga (currently in chapter 1048) and Episode 890.

Episode 1015 was one of the best-received episodes in the history of the anime

While we’re waiting on One Piece Episode 1016, it’s worth revisiting the spectacular work Megumi Ishitani directed with One Piece Episode 1015. This was the best the anime has looked in, well, forever. Ishitani last directed episode 982 and episode 957 before that. Both of those episodes were incredibly stylish and included flare that’s quickly becoming associated with the director’s visual preferences.

Episode 1015 took those cinematography principles and dialed them up to 11. The episode began with resuming the flashback moments between Portgas D. Ace and Yamato. This flashback was stunningly emotional, even for those who knew exactly what would happen and especially for those with an emotional attachment to Ace. This episode endeared fans even more toward Yamato who may eventually join the Straw Hats on their journey on the Grand Line.

Transitioning to the present day, all of the Worst Generation pirates on Luffy’s side – Zoro, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Eustass “Captain” Kid, and Killer – gathered together on the roof of the castle on Onigashima to face off against two of the most powerful pirates in the world – Big Mom and Kaido – as the raid continues on down below.

Luffy calmly walked between those two titans to address the battered and broken Red Scabbard samurai before launching into a new attack that actually injured the seemingly invincible Kaido. The moment was already incredible in the manga, but behind Ishitani’s direction, the anime staff did such an incredible job adding more weight and gravitas to the moment. This kicks off the stretch of the story that fans lovingly call “Roof Piece.”

‘One Piece’ Episode 1016 delays “Roof Piece” by one more week


‘One Piece’ Episode 1014 Finally Has a Release Date

As the raid on Onigashima unfolds in the castle, the fight between Luffy, Law, Zoro, Kid, Killer, Kaido, and Big Mom takes center stage in the arc’s focus. What unfolds is some of the best fights that the story has seen in all of its 1000+ episodes. This is the culmination of several individual character arcs as well as story beats, and on top of that, the fight choreography is incredible.

If the pages of the manga portrayed the hype on incredible levels, look for the anime (especially with talented directors like Ishitani) to elevate that even more. We’ll see highlights from characters like Zoro and Killer while Luffy continues the unbelievable run he’s been on since the Whole Cake Island arc.

There’s a lot to look forward to in both the anime and the manga, and One Piece Episode 1016 – whether that’s the number for the special episode or next week’s episode – will get us one step closer to the action.