Don’t Expect to Hear From SZA Anytime Soon — Or Ever Again

Celebrities know better than anyone how annoying dealing with the press can be. From personal to professional perspectives, the press and media know no boundaries when it comes to investigating and sharing inside information about the most popular faces and names in everyone’s newsfeed. The media headlines often showcase the highs and lows of being in the spotlight. SZA is just one of the many celebrities who can relate to the stress and frustration surrounding the press. Take a look at why she is taking a stand when it comes to the press.

SZA’s journey to fame

As many probably guessed, SZA is not the artist’s birth name. The musician was born and named  Solána Imani Rowe in 1990. Though the future star was born in St. Louis, she was raised in the New Jersey area. For the most part, SZA grew up living a fairly normal childhood. She enjoyed school and participated in cheerleading.

SZA went on to further her education at Essex County College. At the time SZA wasn’t planning on pursuing a career in the music field. Recording and writing music seemed to be something she did on the side for quite some time. Eventually, her love for music and creating it led her to the discovery of her stage or artist’s name. The name SZA came to be as a result of her love and interest in the Wu-Tang Clan. RZA from the Wu-Tang clan was the inspiration behind SZA’s musical identity. Billie Holiday and Björk Guðmundsdóttir were two other sources of musical inspiration for the artist as she explored creating her own sound and songs.

SZA’s musical career really began blowing up after the release of her first album Ctrl in 2017. The album that resulted in a Grammy nomination was a clear sign that SZA was destined for much success in the music industry.

SZA in a crown and light pink beaded dress
SZA | Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

What SZA is saying about the press and the future

Fans were ecstatic to see the March cover of Rolling Stone. SZA was one of the three up-and-coming musicians featured in the photoshoot. Everything about the cover and the photograph screamed “boss”. That is why it was even more confusing to hear her state that she is essentially done with all aspects of the press. On February 19th she tweeted, “Not doing any videos Interviews or photos for the rest of my life lol don’t ask.”

She followed up stating that it was an honor to be included in a cover shoot with Megan Thee Stallion and Normani, but it still left her fans and the public confused about what could have spurred her decision. Another tweet that SZA informed her followers and the public that her anxiety has been causing her some trouble. Regardless of her reasoning, it doesn’t seem like the artist is planning on changing her mind anytime soon. Is it possible for a musician to be successful without the added attention, headlines, and posts created in the media? Many people are beginning to wonder about the feasibility of SZA cutting ties with the press.

When will SZA’s new album be released?

SZA’s timing seems less than perfect. The artist is set to release a new album at some point in the new year. She has been hesitant to set a specific date, but she is reassuring her fans and the public that new music is on the way.

Though many sources doubt if this is even possible, SZA seems determined to no longer engage with the press. Only time will tell if SZA is actually able to stick to her word and her plan when it comes to the press