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Some sources have claimed actor Florence Pugh has fallen out with her Don’t Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde over the latter’s romance with the film’s leading man, Harry Styles. Find out why some observers think Pugh’s lack of enthusiasm about the upcoming release might be a cryptic message about how she feels regarding the project.

(L) Florence Pugh attends the EE British Academy Film Awards 2022 (R) Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde spotted in Soho in 2022
(L) Florence Pugh | Samir Hussein/WireImage (R) Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles | Neil Mockford/GC Images

Florence Pugh doesn’t seem to be promoting ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ anymore

As reported by Elle Australia, public chatter about a potential problem between Pugh and Wilde made its way to TikTok. Some fans noticed Pugh hadn’t been promoting the film and started sharing their theories about why.

Pugh shared a post about the movie on Instagram in April 2020 when Shia LaBeouf still starred opposite her. Then, she called Wilde her “idol” and gushed that she cast her in the film. But Styles eventually replaced LaBeouf as a lead under Wilde’s “no a**hole policy.”

News of the on-set romance between Wilde and Styles emerged in January of 2021, following news of her split from Jason Sudeikis in November of 2020. Some guessed that Wilde’s spark with Styles led to heartbreak for Sudeikis.

In February 2021, Pugh shared a picture of the sunset on Instagram to talk about her time making Don’t Worry Darling and thanked the crew when shooting wrapped. She didn’t directly mention her director or co-star and seemingly hasn’t done much to promote the movie since.

Why some fans are suspicious that Florence Pugh is distancing herself from Olivia Wilde

One might note that Styles hasn’t been promoting Don’t Worry Darling on his Instagram. But fans have argued that Pugh offers a more candid social media, and she seems to curate more of what goes out there personally. Furthermore, she’s been promoting her other films and even other people’s projects on her Instagram.

Some expect Pugh would have naturally done more to hype the film before its scheduled theater release next month. And they guessed that Wilde’s much-talked-about transition from Sudeikis to Styles is behind the silence from Pugh.

Adding fuel to those flames, a source told Page Six that was the case. They said, “I can tell you for a fact that Flo seeing Olivia and Harry all over each other on set did not go down well as Olivia was still with Jason when she first hooked up with Harry.”

One popular comment on a Deuxmoi subreddit read, “… If these rumors weren’t true, [Pugh would] have squashed them by now. It’s not like she’s never used her Instagram before to tell people off about how they speak on her and her personal life.”

Some fans think Florence Pugh is adopting a new social media strategy


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Other spectators on the Deuxmoi subreddit pointed out that Pugh might be changing her social media strategy. They argued she might just be opting for silence more often than not.

However, Pugh recently responded to commentary about a sheer dress she wore. So, she doesn’t seem to be choosing silence on every issue, at least not at this point.

Whatever the dynamic between Pugh, Wilde, and Styles, Don’t Worry Darling will be released in theaters on Sept. 23, 2022, and Pugh will be at the Venice World Premiere of the film.