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‘Black Widow’ Star Florence Pugh Once Screamed To Paolo Nutini That She Would ‘Have His Babies’

Even though Florence Pugh has recently garnered considerable fame, it wasn’t long ago that she was just a normal person who freaked out when she saw famous entertainers. In fact, when she was only a teenager, Pugh had an unforgettable outburst when she saw Paolo Nutini performing live at a music festival. Pugh recently admitted that she told the chart-topping British singer that she would have his children while he was mid-performance.

‘Black Widow’ Star Florence Pugh Discusses the Importance of Celebrities Showing ‘The Normality of Life’ on Social Media — ‘Those Aren’t the Moments That Happen Every Day’

Due to her popularity, Florence Pugh has also become an influential figure on social media. Her Instagram account currently boasts 2.5 million followers and continues to grow daily. Despite her growing fame, Pugh is very aware of the impact that large social media accounts such as hers can have on young people, and recently admitted that she consciously tries to show her followers that even famous people live normal lives too.