‘Dopesick’: How Many Episodes Is the New Hulu Series? When Does It Drop?

The new Hulu drama, Dopesick, pulled viewers in with the three-episode premiere, but how many episodes are in the miniseries? The drama, featuring Michael Keaton, follows the opioid crisis in America from its roots in the late 1990s. It delves deeper into the Sackler family’s attempts to hide the addictive nature of OxyContin with Dopesick Episode 4 and the term Pseudoaddiction. However, fans of the series want to know more — how many episodes will there be?

Dopesick Episode 4 featuring Will Poulter as Billy Cutler on the phone
‘Dopesick’ Episode 4: Will Poulter | Gene Page/Hulu

Is ‘Dopesick’ based on a true story?

The Hulu drama, Dopesick was created by Danny Strong, based on the non-fiction bookDopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy. Although the miniseries is a drama with some fictional characters, the opioid crisis it details is a true story. The Sackler family did market and push OxyContin in the late 1990s with the help of lax regulations. Therefore, Michael Stuhlbarg portrays the real-life Richard Sackler and the ways his family company, Purdue Pharma, began the opioid crisis.

According to Macy, the scenes with Purdue executives are not word-for-word; however, they portray the techniques used to market OxyContin. As the book’s author and an executive producer on the series, she informed The New York Times that the scenes created in the drama are based on extensive research.

Many viewers want to know if Dopesick’s Dr. Samuel Finnix is based on a real person. He’s a doctor in the made-up town of Finch Creek, Virginia, played by Keaton. His character, along with many others in the miniseries, is a blend of numerous real-life people. Purdue sales rep Billy Cutler (Will Poulter) leads Finnix to believe that OxyContin is a “miracle drug” that is only addictive in less than one percent of those who take it. However, he finds out firsthand that something is amiss with that label.  

How many episodes of ‘Dopesick’ will there be?

According to Hulu, the miniseries, Dopesick, will be eight episodes, airing Wednesdays each week, concluding on Nov. 17. The complete remaining Dopesick Episode list for the final four of the series are available here:

Dopesick Episode 5, “The Whistleblower” — Oct. 27, 2021

Dopesick Episode 6, “Hammer the Abusers” — Nov. 3, 2021

Dopesick Episode 7, “Black Box Warning” — Nov. 10, 2021

Dopesick Episode 8, (No title yet) — Nov. 17, 2021

What time do new episodes of ‘Dopesick’ drop on Hulu?

Dopesick cast member Michael Keaton as Dr. Samuel Finnix in 'Dopesick.
‘Dopesick’ Michael Keaton | Gene Page/Hulu

Once viewers binge the first four available episodes on Hulu, many want to know when new episodes of Dopesick drop on the streaming service. A new episode of Dopesick is available for streaming at 12:01 a.m. EST every Wednesday.

Who is in the cast of ‘Dopesick’?

In addition to Keaton and Stuhlbarg, Peter Sarsgaard joins the Dopesick cast as Rick Mountcastle. Will Poulter portrays one of the drug reps tasked with pushing OxyContin on doctors, Billy Cutler. Additionally, Kaitlyn Dever delivers a stellar performance as Betsy Mallum, a young coal miner who becomes addicted to OxyContin after a back injury. Plus, Rosario Dawson joins the cast as Bridget Meyer, a DEA Agent who becomes entrenched in stopping the Opioid epidemic.