‘Double Shot at Love’: Why Didn’t Alysse Joyner Return for Season 2?

Although Vinny Guadagnino chose to leave the house with Alysse Joyner, the two did not last long after filming. For Double Shot at Love Season 2, the guys invited their exes back to party with and work with them in Las Vegas. Although Nikki Hall returned, despite having her heart broken by Pauly DelVecchio, Joyner, who had a similar experience with Guadagnino, did not come back for the second season.

Vinny Guadagnino Pauly DelVecchio
Paul ‘Pauly D’ DelVecchio (L) and Vinny Guadagnino | Dave Kotinsky

Alysse Joyner on ‘Double Shot at Love’

In April 2019, 24-year-old Brooklyn-native Alysse Joyner appeared on MTV’s rebooted dating show, Double Shot at Love, competing for a shot with Jersey Shore star, Vinny Guadagnino.

Although she and Guadagnino shared an almost instant connection, her shyness landed her in the bottom two a couple of times. Unable to outshine the other larger-than-life personalities in the house, the 24-year-old mostly connected with the Jersey Shore star on one-on-one dates.


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In Episode 10, he brought the remaining girls home to his place and loved how Joyner bonded with his dog. The two ended up making out in his basement, and they later had fun together on a solo doggy date. In the end, the Chippendales star had to choose between her and Elle Wilson.

He picked Joyner because he thought he could see himself in a relationship with her outside of the house. However, the two called it off only a few weeks later.

Alysse Joyner and Vinny Guadagnino did not last after the show

At the reunion, the two lovebirds reunited with an awkward hug, and Joyner was visibly upset as she sat down. The Jersey Shore star explained the two could not see each other after filming to reduce any spoilers. Therefore, they only communicated through text messages, which Guadagnino found difficult.

Joyner explained the two texted for a few weeks after the show until the Chippendales star essentially ghosted her and “stopped trying.” Because she genuinely fell for Guadagnino, his actions hurt her.

She got emotional while explaining her feelings but claimed she was “all set” when asked if she would consider giving the relationship another shot. On the other hand, the Jersey Shore star admitted he was open to rekindling something with the 25-year-old down the line.

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Guadagnino further clarified in a tweet that he and Joyner could not “see each other publicly after filming for five months” to avoid spoilers and “struggled to keep it alive through text.”

The following day, Joyner replied to her ex’s tweet and claimed the Jersey Shore star contacted another contestant, Maria Elizondo, who she was the closest to in the house, while ignoring her texts. 

Alysse Joyner not a part of ‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 2

In June 2020, Guadagnino and DJ Pauly DelVecchio returned with another season of Double Shot at Love. Nikki Hall, Derynn Paige, Marissa Lucchese, Suzi Baidya, Brittany “B-Lashes” Schwartz, and Elizondo, as well as three of Paige’s guy friends, all returned to party with the Jersey Shore stars as well as work with DelVecchio at Drai’s Nightclub.

Joyner, who relocated to Los Angeles, California shortly after the show aired, did not join the cast for Season 2 and Guadagnino barely mentioned her. The 25-year-old has over 132,000 Instagram followers with separate accounts for food and funny videos. She also models for several clothing brands including Lounge Underwear.

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According to her Instagram account, Joyner appears to still be friends with Nikki Hall, who she lived with, and Elle Wilson. However, she does not follow anyone from the show or either Jersey Shore stars.

Although she hasn’t made a statement yet, the 25-year-old likely didn’t return for Season 2 because she had no interest in seeing Guadagnino again and wants to focus on her influencer ventures.