‘Double Shot at Love’: Antonio Locke Says He Had a Crush on This Roommate During Season 2

Season 2 of Double Shot at Love introduced three new roommates — Nicky Curd, Brandon Stakemann, and Antonio Locke. With new cast members comes new drama, especially because season 2 takes place in Las Vegas. 

Pool Party Papi” — Locke’s alter ego — may have gotten into the most trouble during season 2 of Double Shot at Love. Having left his girlfriend at home to film, Locke didn’t hold back when it came to “being himself” in Las Vegas. Though he didn’t cheat, Locke recently revealed who he had a crush on during the early days of filming.

Antonio Locke
Antonio Locke | MTV

Antonio left his girlfriend back home to do ‘Double Shot at Love’ 

As Locke has pointed out on the show, he is in a committed relationship. He often refers to his girlfriend, who is “back home in Staten Island,” on the series. 

Despite being in a relationship, many of Locke’s actions were perceived as flirty by his roommates. “I love my girlfriend, but all this temptation around me is not helping,” Locke said in an episode of Double Shot at Love

At one point, roommate Derynn Paige connected with Locke’s girlfriend and invited her to visit them in Las Vegas. She agreed to the trip but has yet to appear in an episode of the reality series. 

Little is known about Locke’s girlfriend, as he keeps mentions of her off of his social media. What is known is that her name is Nicole. To learn more about Locke, Vinny Guadagnino combed through his Instagram and presumed who he thought to be Nicole.  

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‘Pool Party Papi’ had a crush on Suzi 

In an interview with A Tale of Two Sams Podcast, Locke revealed he had a crush on his roommate, Suzi Baidya, during the early days filming Double Shot at Love

During season 1, Baidya was dating Pauly DelVecchio. In season 2, Baidya took a liking to Curd. 

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“To be honest, I’m sorry — no offense to my boy Nicky ‘Cugine’ — but I kind of had my eyes on Suzi a little bit,” Locke said. “Just because she had that West Coast vibe.”

Locke clarified how “all the girls on the show, everybody’s beautiful” — but he felt the most attracted to Baidya. “I felt like Suzi’s vibe from LA and her laugh — she’s a fun girl. She’s always down for a good time.”

Antonio got to know the dark side of Suzi 

Yes, Baidya tended to be bubbly most of the time. But there was an explosive instance during season 1 between Baidya and Nikki Hall that demonstrated otherwise.

In the “Strip and Tell” episode of season 2, Baidya and Hall got into another argument. Baidya was combative after a night out at the strip club and drinking too much. 

Locke recalled Baidya’s behavior that night. “Suzi gets crazy when she’s drunk,” he explained. “That was a thing the whole time we were in the house.”

Does Antonio still have a girlfriend? 

Despite his initial attraction to Baidya, Locke seemed to have maintained his relationship with his girlfriend while filming the show. 

However, at this time, it’s unclear if Locke is still in a relationship. 

When he was asked if a “Pool Party Mami” was in the picture, Locke said: “I am praying to the pool gods that there is a Pool Party Mami. I really haven’t met her yet. I don’t know if I’ve been looking, but there’s gotta be one out there.”

Could this mean he’s no longer with his girlfriend? Fans will have to tune in to Double Shot at Love to find out.