‘Double Shot at Love’: A Family Emergency Strikes, Angelina Larangeira Brings Drama

Hurricane Angelina has struck on Double Shot at Love. Vinny Guadagnino is slowly making stronger connections with the women on Double Shot at Love Season 3. But when a family emergency strikes, one woman is forced to leave. As quickly as she left, Angelina Larangeira arrived with two more prospects for the “Keto Guido.” Find out what went down during the Oct. 14 episode, “You Didn’t Think Angelina Would Show Up?” 

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Double Shot at Love Season 3, Episode 5]

Vinny Guadagnino looks concerned in a screenshot from 'Double Shot at Love' on MTV
Vinny Guadagnino | MTV

‘Double Shot at Love’ contestant Kortni leaves because of a family emergency 

A producer wakes Kortni Montgomery up to a phone call from her mother. “Your nanny is sick,” Kortni’s mom tells her. 

“I’m upset that Kortni’s leaving,” Guadagnino tells cameras. “We did have potential because of the vibe that we caught.” 

“Obviously, I wish it would have been me, but Vinny, I hope you find he love you deserve,” Kortni says. Guadagnino was sad to see Kortni go, but he says they’ll be friends for life now. 

Angelina Larangeira introduces 2 new women to Vinny Guadagnino on ‘Double Shot at Love’ 

Larangeira arrives to help Guadagnino on his journey to find love, but the reality star didn’t arrive alone. She had two new women with her: KP and Jillian. 

KP is an EMT like Larangeira. “I’m on the route of becoming the drunk single aunt,” she says, hopeful she’ll make a connection with Guadagnino. Meanwhile, Jillian is a hairstylist and considers herself a “very giving person.” 

Most of the women weren’t happy with the arrival of Larangeira’s friends, but they made the best of it. However, Honey didn’t take too kindly to the new women. “I don’t like the vibe Honey’s giving off at all,” Larangeira tells cameras. “She’s rubbing me the wrong way right off the bat.” 

Guadagnino thought it was “hot” how Honey didn’t back down from Larangeira. Still, he was impressed with the women Larangeira brought to add to the mix. “It pains me to say this, but maybe Angelina does know me a little bit,” Gudagnino says. 

Vinny relives his Seaside hookup with Angelina

During her visit, Larangeira hosts a Staten Island pizza dinner, where she makes a toast to Guadagnino finding love. Naturally, she mentions her and Guadagnino having sex all those years ago on Jersey Shore

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“Me and Angelina need some privacy,” Gudagnino and DelVecchio recite to the cameras. “Please do a throwback clip,” DelVecchio adds. Of course, producers added in the iconic Jersey Shore moment

‘Double Shot at Love’ elimination canceled after Angelina Larangeira leaves

Despite all the drama Larangeira caused with her arrival, Guadagnino was glad for it. “Angelina definitely brought drama but the drama is good because it shows a different side of these ladies that I don’t see,” he tells cameras. Ultimately, Larangeira stirred things up in the house so much, Guadagnino canceled the elimination for the evening.

“I don’t think what we need right now is an elimination,” Guadagnino tells the women. “What we need right now is a party.” The reality star had a club date set up for the women, where DJ Pauly D was set up.

New episodes of Double Shot at Love air on Thursdays on MTV at 9 PM EST. Tune in to find out if Guadagnino makes a connection.