‘Double Shot at Love’: Marissa Lucchese Says This Always Happens When She’s Drunk

Double Shot at Love star Marissa Lucchese goes through the same experience every time she has too much to drink. And no — it’s not that she hooks up with co-star Brandon Stakemann. Find out what often happens to Lucchese when she gets drunk.

Marissa Lucchese on 'Double Shot at Love'
Marissa Luccese | MTV

Marissa Lucchese did hook up with Brandon Stakemann when she was drunk

Early in season 2, Lucchese and sex-robe-wearing Stakemann hit it off. After sleeping together, Stakemann made it known that he didn’t want to be in an exclusive relationship with Lucchese. She was hurt but continued to hook up with Stakemann throughout the remainder of the season. 

During one of their outings, Derynn Paige commented on Lucchese having slept with Stakemann. Once again, Lucchese was hurt — this time, by a friend. 

“There [are] certain things that I wouldn’t say to my so-called friend,” Lucchese said on The Moral Hangover podcast. “When she came at me in the car, I didn’t even know what to say at first because I was so taken aback. I was like, ‘What the f*ck? Who talks to their best friend — their little sister like that?’” 

Throughout season 2, Lucchese would often want to hook up with Stakemann whenever she drank — regardless of how much he hurt her. But, that’s not the only thing Lucchese said would happen when she drank too much.

‘Double Shot at Love’ star Marissa Lucchese always breaks her nails when she’s drunk

“I have a tendency when I have my nails on, they snap off when I’m drunk,” Lucchese said. “The second day in [to shooting Double Shot at Love], I already lost two nails, and I was trying to crazy glue them back on.” 

Fortunately, Lucchese and her roommates were able to get their nails done while in Las Vegas. As with other MTV shows, there were rules. The girls couldn’t go by themselves. That’s so cameras could capture any drama that ensued at the salon, like it did when Paige came at Lucchese for sleeping with Stakemann. 

Marissa Lucchese learned a lot about herself on ‘Double Shot at Love’ 

While Lucchese certainly had a good sense of herself when she started her Double Shot at Love journey — like her penchant for ripping her nails off when she’s drunk — she did learn a great deal more during the experience.

“I hate emotions,” Lucchese admitted. Thanks to Stakemann, Lucchese had to learn to deal with her emotions head-on. “When it came to Brandon, I had to talk about how I felt,” she added. “I had to tell him and sit down and tell him, ‘This is how I feel.’ That was so uncomfortable at first.” 

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Now, Lucchese feels better equipped to face situations involving her emotions without feeling uncomfortable. What’s more, she walked away from the season with new friends.

“They were a little annoying at first,” Lucchese said of the guys. “They torture me and get on my nerves [but] they always have my back, and I always have theirs. The bonds and friendships I’ve created with them are so amazing. They’re just awesome, cool guys.” 

No matter how many times she tore her nails off or crawled into bed with Stakemann, Lucchese is glad to be part of the Double Shot at Love family.