‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 3: Fans Think Vinny Guadagnino Is ‘in the Wrong’ After ‘Vinny Van Gogh’ Episode

Vinny Guadagnino is one step closer to finding love after “Vinny Van Gogh.” Still, some fans are disappointed with Guadagnino’s actions in the Double Shot at Love Season 3 episode.

Find out why some fans think Guadagnino is “in the wrong” regarding his conversations with the women of season 3. Plus, who Guadagnino sent home after inviting three women to dinner. 

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for Double Shot at Love Season 3, Episode 6 ahead.]

Vinny Guadagnino sits with two of the women from 'Double Shot at Love' in the season 3 episode 'Vinny Van Gogh'
Vinny Guadagnino with the ‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 3 Women | MTV

‘Double Shot at Love’ cast compete in an artistic challenge in ‘Vinny Van Gogh’ 

Dating on reality TV includes being put in situations you wouldn’t usually be in. In this way, Guadagnino can get to the women on a deeper level more quickly than they would traditionally.

In episode 6 of Double Shot at Love, the women had to paint a picture of what love means to them. He was impressed with several works of art, but Honey Nguyen’s painting won because of how similar it was to Guadagnino’s. 

Calling their connection “metaphysical,” Guadagnino and Honey went on a date complete with a hand massage and charcuterie board. It may not seem like they had a deep conversation, but Guadagnino did keep Honey safe from the night’s elimination. 

Vinny Guadagnino invites Erika P., Danielle, and Claudelia to dinner, ‘DSAL’ fans say ‘yikes’ to his actions

This time around, Guadagnino’s eliminations are different. Instead of the traditional “cab ceremony,” he invites certain women to sit down over a meal and discuss their connection. 

In “Vinny Van Gogh,” Erika Pecore, Danielle Hopson, and Claudelia Zarate get invited to dinner. However, Claudelia became frustrated about her conversation with Guadagnino, which focused on the other women instead of their connection. So, she packed her bags and tried to get a cab without saying goodbye or attending the dinner.

When Guadagnino learned of Claudelia’s decision, he excused himself from Erika and Danielle’s presence to speak with Claudelia. “Sorry, I just don’t like other people to make decisions for me,” she tells him. 

“Yikes…” says someone in the Double Shot at Love sub-Reddit. “He chased after her.” In their opinion, Claudelia’s actions say a lot about her, but they also speak to her instincts about Guadagnino. 

“Vinny was in the wrong for asking about the girls during his convo with Claudilea,” says another comment. “That was messed up and would’ve turned me off if I liked him,” reads an additional comment. “Imagine waiting and hoping for alone time with Vinny for him to then ask you to give him advice on the other girls and to report the dynamics in the house?”

‘Double Shot at Love’ fans react to Danielle Hopson’s conversation with Vinny Guadganino

Angelina Larangeira’s appearance in Double Shot at Love Season 3 brought two new women into Guadagnino’s life. Claiming she didn’t like any of Guadagnino’s prospects in season 1, Larangeira brought Jillian Pantaleo and Kristen Panarella with her because she knew she liked them for the Jersey Shore star

But Jillian and Kristen’s arrival ultimately created a divide in the house. In Danielle’s opinion, there’s a group of “pick me b******,” or women who desperately try to win some of Guadagnino’s time. Then there’s Danielle’s group. 

Ultimately, Guadagnino asked Claudelia to stay and sent Erika P. home during dinner. “We are here for finding love and intimate connection, but I don’t think we have that together,” Gudagnino tells her. 

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After Erika leaves, Guadganino addresses Danielle’s feelings about the women in the house. “Danielle can’t let her feelings for me make her a bad person and be mean,” Guadagnino tells cameras. But after expressing his concerns about Danielle’s “attitude,” the two agree to be more open with each other on their journey to find love. 

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