‘Double Shot at Love’ Stars Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall Are Still Together — Is Vinny Guadagnino Jealous?

Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall revealed that they were in a relationship during the Double Shot at Love reunion special. Now, all some fans can think about is Vinny Guadagnino. Is Hall ruining the Jersey Shore star’s bromance with DelVecchio? 

Vinny Guadagnino
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Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly DelVecchio share a special bromance 

Since the early days of Jersey Shore, Guadagnino and DelVecchio have shared a special bond. The “Prank War Champion” and the “Keto Guido” have only gotten closer over the years, taking on spinoff series like Double Shot at Love and Revenge Prank together. 

During the first season of Double Shot at Love, DelVecchio and Guadagnino were on the same journey — to find love. Unfortunately, neither of the ties they formed in season 1 worked out.

When season 2 came about, the premise of the show changed. The duo brought some of the cast from season 1 to live and work in Las Vegas. But that’s when things started to change. Both Guadagnino and DelVecchio’s feelings for their exes began to surface. 

Now, Vinny Guadagnino has to compete with Nikki Hall and Pauly DelVecchio’s thriving relationship

During the Double Shot at Love reunion special, DelVecchio and Hall shared that they were in a relationship together — and had been since season 2 wrapped. 

Thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, DelVecchio and Hall have had nothing but time to get to know each other. Living together has been a great test for their relationship. “If you can live someone, that’s most of the battle right there,” DelVecchio said. 

DelVecchio said Hall being a good cook has also helped their relationship! He enjoys eating her food. Aside from that, the two have been spending their time watching their favorite shows, going on hikes, and taking DelVecchio’s motorcycles out for a spin. DelVecchio said he is enjoying having someone “to be there” for him. 

Vinny Guadagnino seems happy for Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall 

During the reunion special, Guadagnino was asked how he felt about DelVecchio’s relationship status. 

“Of course, there’s always going to be jealousy,” he joked. “But from the start, we established girls are OK to date. It just can’t be another guy.” The bromance between DelVecchio and Guadagnino may never be the same, but it seems they’re willing to make it work — under one condition. Hall has to be Guadagnino’s girlfriend, too.

“By the way, we established that Nikki is in a relationship with me now,” Guadagnino added. “I’m constantly hearing him here in the background,” Hall said.

DelVecchio and Guadagnino are likely in contact with one another quite often. Regardless of when and why Guadagnino calls DelVecchio, Hall says: “I know my place.”

Is Vinny Guadagnino dating Maria Elizondo? 

Like Guadagnino, many fans are happy for DelVecchio and Hall. What’s more, they wonder where Guadagnino’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Maria Elizondo stands. 

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During their time in Las Vegas, the two agreed to go on a date together. But when they left, their relationship didn’t have a title. Fans will have to tune into part 2 of the reunion special to find out where Guadagnino and Elizondo stand.