‘Double Shot at Love’: The Real Reason Nikki Hall Wasn’t In the First Episode of Season 2

In early episodes of Double Shot at Love Season 2, it didn’t seem like Pauly DelVecchio’s ex-girlfriend Nikki Hall was going to participate. Despite how the show portrayed Hall’s “hesitation” to come and film, this is what really was going down in Hall’s life and why she showed up late for season 2. Ironically, it has nothing to do with DelVecchio! 

Nikki Hall 'Double Shot at Love'
Nikki Hall | MTV

Nikki Hall and Pauly DelVecchio had a falling out after season 1

After falling in love with DelVecchio in season 1, Hall had her heart broken during the finale when he told her he was going to “roll solo.”

Hurt, Hall took to Twitter to expose private conversations between her and DelVecchio. Screenshots of their texts revealed DelVecchio’s true feelings for Hall. Allegedly DelVecchio professed his love for her. He also asked her for a “real shot” outside of the show.

“This is completely outside of my character [to share this information] but for someone to sit there and act like this sh*t was one-sided… ” Hall wrote in a since-deleted tweet (via The Blast). “I did nothing to this man but love him, and he was OK with it. And I’m crazy? Give me a f*cking break! I’ve had it!!”

Eventually, DelVecchio blocked Hall on social media. Considering how they left things, many fans didn’t think Hall would return for a second season of Double Shot at Love.

At first, fans didn’t think Nikki Hall was going to be in season 2 

When Hall didn’t arrive in Las Vegas with the rest of the DSAL cast, Maria Elizondo defended her absence. Elizondo and Hall formed a friendship after Double Shot at Love season 1 wrapped, having both been hurt by the Jersey Shore stars.

After a quick phone conversation, it seemed like Elizondo had convinced Hall to come and share in their Las Vegas experience. But in reality, something different entirely was going on.

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Nikki Hall was at a wedding when ‘Double Shot at Love’ season 2 started filming 

One Reddit user shared the photos Hall posted to her Instagram Stories on Sept. 28. “Happy Anniversary to my sissy,” Hall captioned a photo of herself with the bride. The photo also featured last year’s date. “So extremely happy and proud of you guys!” 

“I guess we know why the storyline was developed for Maria to call Nikki and ask her to join them on DSAL2,” another user commented. “She was at a wedding and couldn’t start filming. Derynn posted something yesterday about how they started filming DSAL2 a year ago.”

Other fans recall Hall’s posts from last year, then her disappearance from social media.

“Omg this makes so much sense, and wow, I can’t believe I didn’t even put two and two together,” another Double Shot at Love fan commented. “But I do remember Nikki going MIA on IG after this day cause she posted a pic and stopped posting for a while.” This makes sense because the cast isn’t allowed to use their cell phones while filming. 

Another photo shared in Hall’s Instagram Stories showed her leaving the day after the wedding, presumably to join the Double Shot at Love cast in Las Vegas.