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Double Shot at Love stars Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia “AK” Rucker are no longer together, despite agreeing to a “shot at love” in the season 3 finale. The reality TV star released a statement on his Instagram clearing up his relationship status with “AK.” He also revealed what goes on after a show like Double Shot at Love wraps. 

Akielia 'AK' Rucker and Vinny Guadagnino in MTV's 'Double Shot at Love' Season 3
Akielia ‘AK’ Rucker & Vinny Guadagnino | MTV

Vinny Guadagnino chose Akielia ‘AK’ Rucker at the end of ‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 3

In the final episode of Double Shot at Love Season 3, Guadagnino was down to three women: Erika DeVito, Emily “Peachy” Piccinonno, and Rucker. After sending DeVito packing, Guadagnino hosted a final ceremony with “Peachy” and “AK.” 

As Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall looked on, Guadagnino broke things off with Piccinonno. “Don’t be sorry — never be sorry for speaking your truth,” she told him. Then, Guadagnino asked “AK” to give him a “small” shot at love. She was hesitant but agreed to have dinner with DelVecchio and Hall.

Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia Rucker remain friends after ‘Double Shot at Love’

The day after the finale, Guadagnino shared an update with fans regarding his relationship with “AK” on Instagram. “Thank you [to] everyone who watched [Double Shot at Love], his Instagram Stories post started.

“The finale you watched last night was filmed seven months ago. ‘AK’ and I have kept in touch. We are not in a relationship, but I now consider her a friend because she’s cool AF.” 

Akielia ‘AK’ Rucker couldn’t see Vinny Guadagnino for 7 months after ‘DSAL’ 

Guadagnino’s message continued by revealing the details of what a “relationship” looks like immediately after a show like Double Shot at Love wraps filming. “I always do these shows with an open heart and mind to meet my person,” the reality star wrote.

“These shots at love are crazy social experiments where you try to match people up in a few weeks and then are required to not physically see the person you picked for seven months (until the finale) so that you don’t give away the ending of the show.” 

For Guadagnino, entertaining people is something he enjoys. “Sometimes it works as a starting point,” he said of relationships starting in a reality TV setting. “But it isn’t a guarantee of finding a serious relationship.” 


‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Star Vinny Guadagnino Spotted With New Woman at DJ Pauly D’s Birthday Dinner

Guadagnino concluded with: “Believe it or not, I’m a real human outside of TV shows. But I’m always down to take the shot! Thanks again and I’ll see you all on Jan. 6 for the premiere of Jersey Shore.” 

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns with season 5 in January 2022. Fans can tune into the Jersey Shore holiday special on Dec. 16, 2021. 

‘Double Shot at Love’ hasn’t worked for Vinny Guadagnino in the past 

Guadagnino has dated dozens of women thanks to Double Shot at Love. At the end of season 1, he and Alysse Joyner decided to give love a shot. But things didn’t work out between them. Allegedly, Guadagnino didn’t try to maintain their relationship via calls and texts between wrapping their season and the reunion. He reportedly talked to other former contestants like Maria Elizondo during that time. 

In Double Shot at Love Season 2, Guadagnino and Elizondo rekindled their feelings for one another. While they did hook up in Las Vegas, the duo didn’t commit to anything at the end of the season, hence Guadagnino’s return in Double Shot at Love Season 3.

Will there be a Double Shot at Love Season 4? Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet to find out. Watch all three seasons of Double Shot at Love on MTV.