‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Sequel: The Reasons Phyllis Logan Thinks It Will Happen

The Downton Abbey movie opened in the fall of 2019. It is now available on home video, and it is streaming on Peacock along with the entire series. Phyllis Logan, who played Mrs. Hughes on the show and in the movie, has several reasons to believe a sequel is going to happen. 

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the Downton Abbey movie.]

Downton Abbey cast
L – R: Phyllis Logan, Jim Carter, Kevin Doyle, Raquel Cassidy, Joanne Froggatt, Brendan Coyle, Sophie McShera, Lesley Nicol, Robert James-Collier and Michael C. Fox | Jaap Buitendijk/Focus Features, LLC

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Logan spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone about all things Downton Abbey on the occasion of its Peacock premiere. We’ll have more with Logan on Showbiz Cheat Sheet about the show, but of course we had questions about another movie. 

The fans are still keeping ‘Downton Abbey’ alive

Downton Abbey went off the air in 2015. For four years, fans eagerly awaited the movie. Even after the movie, Logan still hears from fans. 

Downton Abbey kitchen
L-R: Lesley Nicol, Sophie McShera, Jim Carter and Phyllis Logas | Jaap Buitendijk/Focus Features, LLC

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“It’s sort of waning because of course the film’s been and gone and everybody got very excited about that,” Logan said. “I like to think that I’m not so detectable in life as Mrs. Hughes. I don’t quite go about looking like that fortunately but yes, people still write fan mail and send me things to do with Mrs. Hughes. So it’s been very nice to have been in something like that, so iconic which has reached so many people and touched their hearts. It’s lovely to be part of all that and I hope it continues. You never know.”

Phyllis Logan had the last word in the ‘Downton Abbey’ movie

As the Downton Abbey movie fades out, Mr. Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs. Hughes are walking away from Downton Abbey. Mr. Carson suggests the Crawleys will live there for generations. Mrs. Hughes replies, “We’ll see.” 

“Well, of course, I personally was delighted to get the last word at the last shot walking away from the castle,” Logan said. “What did this mean is what you’re asking?’

Phyllis Logan suspects there will be a sequel for these reasons

Showbiz Cheat Sheet suggested that “We’ll see” meant at least one more movie. Logan agreed.

“Well, you would think so,” Logan said. “To be fair, when the producers and Julian [Fellowes] as well — and he also is one of the producers as well as the writer — when asked this question will there be a Downton Abbey 2 movie, they haven’t said unequivocally no, but neither have they said definitely yes. To be honest, I think it would work quite well, another one.”

Logan also believes the audience wants more. The cast is amenable, so why not?

Phyllis Logan, Michelle Dockery and Jim Carter
L-R: Phyllis Logan, Michelle Dockery and Jim Carter | Jaap Buitendijk/ Focus Features, LLC

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“I think people still have an appetite for that household and the people within it and that castle,” Logan said. “I think people still have an appetite to see how their lives are going. And quite frankly, I do think that everybody involved, directors, producers, writers, all the crew and certainly all the cast would be all much up for a number two as it were.”