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Following in the footsteps of TLC‘s Dr. Pimple Popper, My Feet Are Killing Me, and Dr. Mercy, Dr. Down Below is a new special starring Fenwa Milhouse, a urologist. The hour-long episode will introduce TLC fans to Milhouse and her patients who, you guessed it, struggle with conditions “down below.” But let’s learn more about the star of the upcoming special before diving into the series.

Dr. Fenwa Milhouse, the star of 'Dr. Down Below' on TLC, wears a white doctors coat over a red shirt.
Dr. Fenwa Milhouse | Photo: TLC

Fenwa Milhouse is the star of ‘Dr. Down Below’

Dr. Down Below, starring Fenwa Milhouse, premieres on Wednesday, April 5, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC following the Dr. Pimple Popper Season 9 premiere. Dr. Down Below is a one-episode special titled “From the Waist Down,” but we wouldn’t be surprised if TLC orders more episodes if it’s successful.

Episode 1’s synopsis reads, “Urologist Dr. Fenwa Milhouse treats a woman suffering from a painful labial cyst and helps a man who struggles with an extra pee hole left by a Prince Albert piercing. Later, Dr. Milhouse sees a woman with an advanced stage vaginal prolapse.”

Dr. Fenwa Milhouse describes herself as a board-certified urologist in the preview. She tells the camera, “No one knows what urology is. People think it’s for men, by men. Basically, the male gynecologist. That’s not true at all. Urology is a surgical specialty that deals with the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. But because everyone has a urinary tract, we deal with men and women. I deal with everything down below.”

When explaining why she chose to venture into the urology field, Dr. Milhouse shares, “It’s not about penises and vaginas. It’s about quality of life —their embarrassments. I deal with it all. And I love it.”

Dr. Milhouse graduated from the University of Texas with a B.S. in Biology. And she later got her doctorate from the University of Texas Medical School. But, as Grey’s Anatomy fans know, becoming a licensed physician is a long process. After getting her M.D., Dr. Milhouse did her Urology Residency Program at the University of Chicago. Now, she has her own practice — “Down There Urology.”

Milhouse teases the upcoming TLC special

During an interview with the Ask Dr. Renee Show, Dr. Down Below star Fenwa Milhouse discussed the upcoming TLC series.

“You can expect unusual type of problems that I’m dealing with,” Dr. Milhouse teased. “Not your everyday typical problems. It’s all related to problems down there — genital related.”

She continued, “You can expect to have heartwarming stories, real stories. Real lives being impacted by something down there that they feel they have no place to go to or turn to, have not been listened to, and they come and see me, and you get to find out if I’m able to help them or not. And you get to actually see me in the operating room.”

It sounds like Dr. Down Below will feature moving cases like Dr. Pimple Popper and other TLC shows.


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‘Dr. Down Under’ fans can follow Fenwa Milhouse on Instagram

After watching Dr. Down Under, fans can learn more about Fenwa Milhouse by following her on Instagram, where she posts about her urology adventures and her practice, “Down There Urology.” She also gives advice related to her expansive knowledge as a doctor.

Dr. Milhouse also has a website — Your Favorite Urologist. The site reveals her story, including how a Black woman urologist inspired her to pursue the same field during medical school. It also includes information on urology conditions and a tab for new patients to schedule an appointment. But, as a side note, Dr. Milhouse currently practices in the Chicagoland area.

Dr. Down Below, starring Fenwa Milhouse, airs on Wednesday, April 5, at 10 p.m. ET on TLC following the Dr. Pimple Popper Season 9 premiere.