‘Drag Race Holland’: How Is The Relationship Between Drag Sisters Envy Peru and Miss Abby OMG Now That the Season Is Over?

Drag sisters Envy Peru and Miss Abby OMG got into a lot of disagreements on RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Drag Race Holland. Most of them were a result of the fact that Peru used to deliver hard truths to Abby about her performance in the competition. Now that the competition is over, (and Peru has the season 1 crown) has their relationship gotten any better?

'Drag Race Holland'
‘Drag Race Holland’ | World of Wonder

Envy Peru won ‘Drag Race Holland’ and Miss Abby OMG was in the finals

Peru steamrolled through the competition, dominating the season. With four challenge wins, she tied the franchise record for most challenges won by a queen in a single season. She is also the only queen to win the competition with four challenges wins while never being in the bottom.

Abby made it to the finals along with Peru,  Janey Jacké, and Mama Queen. She started off fairly strong, but ended placing in the bottom two/three for several weeks. Still, she won ever lip-sync she competed in prior to being eliminated before the final two.

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They don’t share the same drag mother, but Peru and Abby are indeed drag sisters. Along with Ivy-Elyse Monroe, thy founded the drag house of Mermaids Mansion.

Their relationship is getting better after they had disagreements on the show

After winning the finale, Peru was asked about the dynamic she had with Abby right now and how it felt to revisit what happened on the show.

“It was painful to watch because I love her and she’s dear to me, but I’m honest,” said Peru to Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t like to sugar-coat things. I’m a real sister. Maybe it’s that Dutch directness. I’m not going to tell you that you’re amazing, because you’re going to look back on television and see that it wasn’t amazing, and you’ll think I was fake in your face! I’d rather be honest, because I want you to grow and be a better artist. I would’ve been a bad sister if I lied to her face. That wouldn’t have helped her, and she wouldn’t have grown from that.”

Peru added that she and her drag sister are still repairing their relationship after they were divided several times during the show. Even though it didn’t come across this way on the show at times, Peru says that Abby understands that she wasn’t trying to hurt her when she gave her critiques. After a few episodes of tension, they seemed to finally get on one accord during the finale.

“The show is a high-pressure cooker, so we had some awkwardness,” Peru said of their time on the show. “We’re still working on our relationship, but it’s getting better. She knows where I was coming from and it wasn’t from a place of hate or jealousy. We’re good, we talk, and we’re still sisters. Everything that happens on the show happens on the show, but in real life, we’re good with each other, love each other, and stand up for each other!”

Though Drag Race Holland has not been renewed for a season 2 just yet, it will likely be renewed for a second season. You can binge the whole season on WOW Presents Plus in the United States and other areas outside of the Netherlands.