‘Drag Race Holland’: Sederginne Sounds off on Her Shocking Elimination

Sederginne, who was viewed by fans to be one of the frontrunners if not the front runner of RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Drag Race Holland, was the latest to sashay away from the main stage. In a recent interview, the queen talked about her elimination, what she may regret, and much more.

'Drag Race Holland'
‘Drag Race Holland’ | World of Wonder

Many fans believe that Sederginne could win

Leading up to the most recent episode, Sederginne had one what a lot of Drag Race queens have never done before: she placed high in every episode she was in. Sederginne did great in both challenges and on the runway. However, she had a very bad week recently.

She bombed snatch game as Mega Mindy and also had what was arguably the weakest outfit on the runway. Despite having a good track record, Sederginne could not be saved from having an off week. She ended up losing the bottom 2 lip-sync to Miss Abby OMG.

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Sederginne talks about her controversial exit

In an interview with Gay Times, Sedgerginne talked about a number of topics related to her elimination.

“I gave 100%, and then this episode I chose to show up in half drag and half boy, because I’m a drag queen and I wanted to try something out of the box,” she said. “It didn’t turn out very well but I’m still very proud of what I did on the runway. I’m very proud of what I did in general on Drag Race. I’m so sad that I didn’t make it two more episodes or even the finale, but it is what is, you know? Being on the top four times and then going off is like an explosion going off in your face and you’re like, ‘Why?! Oh my god.'”

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According to Sederginne, she doesn’t have any hard feelings against the show and the judges for her elimination. “I’m not a hateful person. The judges gave critiques and thought my costume wasn’t really the best, and it’s true. It’s just crazy because I worked in my workspace at home on the costumes for so many hours,” she said. When they called my name to sashay away, I was just broken. You could hear that in the words I said when I left the runway because I was just empty.”

Describing her time on the show as “a party” and “amazing,” there is something that she would like to ask the judges. She questioned, “The one thing I would like to ask the judges is: when was the last time you saw a drag show? I think that answer would be very shocking.”

Drag Race Holland airs Thursdays on WOW Presents Plus in the United States.