‘Dragula’: Boulet Brothers Are Bringing 3 New Drag Shows to Shudder

The Boulet Brothers are famous for bringing Dragula to the world. The reality television show competition combines drag and horror together into a winning LGBTQ program. As a result, the Boulet Brothers are bringing three new shows to the horror streaming service Shudder over the next year.

The Boulet Brothers brought ‘Dragula’ to Shudder starting with ‘Resurrection’

'Dragula' The Boulet Brothers wearing black dresses and head pieces in front of step and repeat
The Boulet Brothers | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Dracmorda and Swanthula, also known as the Boulet Brothers, brought the world a drag competition show that seeks to crown the next Drag Supermonster. The show operates on four pillars – drag, filth, horror, and glamour. The Boulet Brothers aired the first season of Dragula on YouTube. However, the show would only continue to grow.

Dragula continued to move its distribution home over the next couple of seasons. Season 2 went to Amazon Prime, and season 3 went to Netflix. However, the Boulet Brothers would find a more permanent home for Dragula, starting with Resurrection on Shudder. They would return to the horror streaming platform with season 4.

The Boulet Brothers expand ‘Dragula’ universe with 3 new shows on Shudder

According to Variety, the Boulet Brothers are expanding Dragula in a huge way on Shudder. It makes sense, given that season 4 was one of the streaming service’s most-watched series in 2021. They’re bringing three new projects to the table over the next year, including a new season, a spinoff series, and an additional “special set.”

The first Dragula project is the full-season spinoff based on the original show. The series already finished filming and is expected to hit Shudder sometime this fall.

There aren’t any further dates to note, but the projects will capture challenges that test contestants based on their skills in costume creation, special-effects makeup, and performance art.

The horror streaming service is ‘excited’ to see the drag competition return

Variety noted the excitement between both Shudder and the Boulet Brothers in bringing Dragula back in a big way. Drag continues to show its popularity in the mainstream with RuPaul’s Drag Race, but this drag reality competition series brings its own signature flavor to screens around the world.

“With The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula and Resurrection, the Boulet Brothers have proven to be uniquely talented producers and storytellers, creating innovative, inclusive programming that smashes genres and draws a large and loyal following,” Craig Engler, Shudder’s general manager, said. “We’re excited to be working with them on their upcoming new competition series, with more to come in 2023.”

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be a Dragula fan,” the Boulet Brothers said. “This new partnership with Shudder (and the AMC family) provides an incredible opportunity for us to expand our cinematic universe and to flesh out all of the characters, stories, and stars that audiences have fallen in love with over the years.”

The Boulet Brothers continued: “We couldn’t be more excited about the content that we’re about to unleash, and if fans have felt shocked and engaged with our content in the past, they are truly not ready for what’s coming next. It’s going to be a wild, fun, and terrifying new ride.”

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