Drew Barrymore Gushes Over Watching Tom Holland ‘Fall in Love With’ Zendaya in a Sweet Instagram Post

All-around icon Drew Barrymore took to her Instagram to share some throwback photos with Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland. She confessed the young actor immediately impressed her as an “incredible person … [and] an extraordinary talent,” and she also gushed over watching him “fall in love with” Zendaya. But why did some fans think she’d confused him for someone else?

Drew Barrymore in a yellow top, flashing two peace signs
Drew Barrymore | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Drew Barrymore to Tom Holland: ‘I send you and your lady the very best!’

Barrymore turned to Instagram to speak sweetly about Holland, who she said she met around 2011 while working on a project when he was still a teenager. She’s also a former child actor and said she became “so captivated” by him back then.

According to Barrymore, she found pictures of them together on one of Holland’s fan accounts. She shared that she didn’t know there was a photographic “record” of their meeting before explaining how happy she is to have the pictures she shared with fans.

She wrote to Holland in the post, “I truly thought you were the most impressive and incredible person as well as such an extraordinary talent!”

But she didn’t stop there. She shared her joy in watching him grow up and “fall in love with the greatest women [sic],” Zendaya.

She concluded the caption by telling Holland she’s always cheering him on, and wrote, “I send you and your lady the very best!”

Tom Holland fans called out Drew Barrymore’s reference to ‘Billy Elliot,’ but she wasn’t wrong

In the comments of Barrymore’s post, a fan or two pointed out how she referenced Billy Elliot — a character most well-known from the movie, Billy Elliot, in which actor Jamie Bell played the lead role.

One Instagram user commented that Barrymore made a mistake and confused the two actors. However, Holland appeared as the titular role in a London production of Billy Elliot the Musical from 2008 through 2010.

Notably, he was about 12 when he took on the part. His time with the production ended in 2010, shortly before his meeting with Barrymore. And the experience seemingly helped prepare him for one of his next projects.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Holland are excited he will play Fred Astaire

Barrymore also mentions her excitement over Holland playing Fred Astaire, something he spoke to Variety about in December 2021.

“I’m going to dust off the old tap shoes and go back to Pineapple Dance Studios [in London] and start taking tap lessons,” Holland said of preparing for the role. He also noted, “I’m quite a good tap dancer.”

Since he’s been a dancer for a “very, very long time,” he feels the style of the role is something he’ll be able to pick up. But he also noted how Astaire is “very elegant and graceful,” as opposed to Billy Elliot’s scuffy boot kind of tap dancer,” so he seemingly intends to practice to perfection.

Of the role, he said, “[It’s] something I’m very excited for and I think it will be a fantastic film.”

And it seems like his fans, including Barrymore, are very excited to see it, as well.

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