Duggar Family Critics Are Appalled by Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s Promotional Video for Their New Business

The Duggars got their start on reality TV — but it’s promotions, sponsorships, and businesses of their own that are earning them additional cash flow.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo live in Los Angeles, and Jinger’s on the path to becoming an influencer. Recently, the couple started their own business, Hope & Stead, but fans extremely dislike their promotional video. Here’s why.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have their own line of products

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Joy-Anna, Jill, and Anna Duggar have all posted to Instagram regarding their various sponsorships. But Jinger is the first of the Duggars to have her own line of products.

Jinger and Jeremy announced they were creating Hope & Stead products to further their ultimate mission — spreading the word of God. “It’s our goal to promote the message and lifestyle of Hope through creating designs that point to our ultimate Hope — Christ,” Jinger explained via Instagram while wearing one of her Hope & Stead beanies.

So far, Jinger and Jeremy are offering a few hats and candles. And it’s clear they have the intent of expanding their business once they garner enough interest. They also have their own Instagram account dedicated to their business.

It seems like the couple has plenty of support, too. “I’m so encouraged to see so many of you go over and support @hopeandstead,” Jinger captioned an Instagram post on Dec. 2. “The shop items were created with Christmas around the corner in mind. So if you struggle with coming up with present ideas, go snag a couple things to help with stocking stuffers and gifts!”

Jinger and Jeremy created a promotional video for Hope & Stead

Not only do Jinger and Jeremy have their products ready on their website and Instagram, but they have a promotional video for Hope & Stead as well.

In the video, Jinger explained the collection of products is “for you and your home that reflect the hope we hold in Jesus.” And Jeremy added that he and Jinger wanted to inspire hope in a world that can feel otherwise hopeless.

“There’s so much hurt and pain and negativity in the world, and we wanted to be a source of encouragement that points others to a life of joy and peace,” Jeremy added.

The video then goes into a slideshow that shows viewers how to access the website and take a look at every style of each product available. Jinger noted she particularly likes the candles. “The candles are something I thought would be perfect for a stocking stuffer,” she continued.

Duggar family critics hate the video

It’s clear Jinger and Jeremy put a lot of time, energy, and resources into making Hope & Stead happen. But family critics aren’t impressed. Reddit users noted the line of products isn’t very extensive, and their slideshow doesn’t look professional.

“Their inability to critically think about the meaning of their word choices is so upsetting,” a Reddit user commented. “Saying, ‘What can really be a hopeless world’ implies that the world itself actually is hopeless, and they are restoring hope (as they were the savior themselves).”

“They’re naked greed and narcissism masquerading as spiritual inspiration is part of the worlds hopelessness and suffering,” another added.

“I think they rehearsed it too much,” yet another wrote. “They don’t know how to sound off the cuff, genuine or sincere so no amount of practice is going to make them not sound robotic.”

We’re not sure what’s next for Jinger and Jeremy, but we’re curious to see how this business venture pans out.

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