Duggar Family Critics Suspect Kendra Duggar’s Sister Broke Off Her Engagement to Start a Romance With James Duggar

The Duggars are known for young courtships, quick engagements, and huge, celebratory marriages. And all eyes are on Justin Duggar, as he recently announced his engagement to Claire Spivey. Now that Justin’s getting ready to tie the knot, everyone’s wondering about the other unmarried Duggar men who are close to Justin’s age.

James Duggar was rumored to have past romantic involvement with Kendra Duggar’s sister, Lauren Caldwell. Now that Lauren appears to no longer be engaged, Duggar family critics suspect the two will light up a romance.

Kendra Duggar’s sister, Lauren Caldwell, doesn’t appear to be engaged anymore

Kendra also comes from a large, Christian family — and her younger sister, Lauren, announced an engagement in October 2020. According to The Sun, Lauren and her then-boyfriend, Titus Hall, announced they were engaged via Instagram.

However, it seems the engagement is no longer on. Duggar family critics on Reddit noticed the engagement photos posted by the Caldwell family aren’t on Instagram anymore. And critics also noticed Lauren was no longer wearing her engagement ring in a video Jessa Duggar posted to YouTube.

“Something major must have happened for them to call it off,” one Reddit user guessed. “There’s pressure not to call off an engagement under normal circumstances, but in their world it must be overwhelming.”

“Whatever happened must have been explosive,” another wrote. “I couldn’t imagine the engagement being called off for anything but some very scandalous reason.”

Rumors swirled that Lauren was involved with James Duggar

Prior to Lauren getting involved with Titus, there were plenty of rumors to suggest she was secretly courting James. James is 19 years old, which is right around the age when the Duggars start courting and finding their life-long partners. And he also joined Instagram, which is often a clue that the Duggars are getting ready to make another courtship announcement.

Aside from James having his own social media account, he’s also spent a lot of time with the Caldwell family. Back in August 2020, Kendra and Joseph spent a day out on the boat with Kendra’s family — and James joined them. Kendra posted photos from the outing that clearly showed James between two of her siblings. While Lauren wasn’t in the photo, this brought about a lot of suspicion.

James could just be good friends with the Caldwells, of course — but it seems odd he was the only other Duggar brother attending the boating outing.

Duggar family critics think Lauren and James will start a courtship


There’s Even More Evidence to Suggest James Duggar Is Courting Kendra Duggar’s Sister

Lauren and James started rumors in the past. So, will they finally enter the courtship many fans have been waiting for? Duggar family critics suspect it’ll happen.

“I now have a whole working theory that the only reason Lauren and James fizzled out was because James wasn’t ready to get married,” a Reddit user guessed. “Duggars know you got like two-four months to court, get engaged and get married. What if he knew he wasn’t ready for marriage (age, job, prospects, etc.) and Lauren didn’t want to wait?”

“Wouldn’t be surprised if Lauren and James start a courtship after this,” another user commented.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Lauren and James. But there’s no doubt the community is rooting for another courtship.

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