Duggar Family Critics Think Claire Spivey’s Gigantic Poster of Justin Duggar She Displayed in Her Home Is Seriously Strange

Those who follow the Duggars know all about the Duggar family’s courtships and engagements. And right now, Justin Duggar is engaged to Claire Spivey. The two courted for just a few short months before deciding they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. And all eyes are on them to hear more about what their future will hold.

Recently, Claire posted a photo next to Justin with a huge poster of Justin hanging from the banister beneath them — and some critics think it’s seriously strange. Here’s why.

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are engaged

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Duggar family courtships are notoriously quick, and Justin and Claire are rushing forward into marriage. At just 18 years old, Justin seems ready to commit himself to his soon-to-be wife, who’s just 19. They first announced their courtship in September 2020, and just two months later, they talked about tying the knot.

“There is nothing comparable to finding the one you are meant to spend your life with,” Justin and Claire told Us Weekly back in November 2020. “We know we have found that in each other. We cannot wait to be married and are looking forward to a life together of faith in Christ, love for one another and happiness!”

Justin and Claire certainly aren’t wasting any time. And it seems some fans and critics alike suspected the couple was actually engaged for even longer than they said. Either way, it seems the Spiveys and the Duggars are all very excited for the big day. Justin and Claire are spending plenty of time with each other’s families.

Claire displayed a huge poster of Justin in her house

Claire’s certainly getting a lot of attention for her Instagram posts. She’s posted plenty of sweet photos of her and Justin with captions about how she can’t wait to be Mrs. Duggar.

“After 14 months of courting, I am thrilled beyond words to be engaged to @justinsamduggar!!!” she captioned a post from November 2020. “So looking forward to seeing what the Lord holds for us during this next chapter of life. Thank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm!!”

It’s Claire’s recent odd Instagram post that’s getting a lot of attention, though. On Jan. 21, she posted a series of photos with Justin, and the first photo shows her and Justin standing over a massive poster with Justin’s face on it. “Praying for our Justin! We love you!” the poster reads.

So, what’s with the poster? It seems prayers were in order for Justin’s wisdom teeth extraction. “How I enjoyed getting to take care of this guy after his wisdom teeth surgery!!” she captioned the post. “He is such a trooper, and has had a wonderful recovery! Thankful for every moment with him, even when it’s changing ice packs, and giving meds. ;)”

Some Duggar family critics are alarmed by the poster

The poster seems a bit overkill to some fans and critics, especially for a routine extraction.

“This is bonkers,” one critic wrote on Reddit. “It’s wisdom teeth surgery he’s not going off to war.”

“This is so messed up but now I understand why he’s rushing into marriage,” another critic added. “After a whole life of being constantly overlooked or forgotten about someone is finally giving him attention. It’s just not a healthy amount/form of attention but for him it must be intoxicating.”

“At least he seems happy there,” another added. “He’s always just beaming. The fact that he moved there speaks volumes to me.”

Others think this is a sign Claire and Justin will be tying the knot ultra-soon. “So, this whole wisdom teeth business and how she makes it seem like he’s already healed adds more fuel to the fire of our wedding date being this weekend!” another Reddit user wrote.

Are Claire and Justin rushing into marriage post-wisdow tooth surgery? We’re not sure — but we’ll certainly see a few posts about it if so.

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