Duggar Family Critics Think Jessa Duggar Chose an Odd Photo of Jinger Duggar for Jinger’s Birthday Tribute

Jinger Duggar is surely celebrating with her family, as she’s officially 27 years old. The mom of two is living and thriving in Los Angeles, California, and she’s making major strides when it comes to her life as an influencer and small business owner with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

Now, the Duggars are celebrating on Jinger’s behalf via social media. And Jessa Duggar created her own tribute to her sister — but family critics think the photo Jessa chose is majorly strange.

Jinger Duggar is celebrating her 27th birthday

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It’s hard to believe Jinger is already 27 years old. We’ve watched the happy mom of two go from awkward teen to go-getter, and she was the first of the Duggars to move all the way across the country to the West Coast. Now, fans are watching Jinger as she attempts to make it as an Instagram influencer, podcast owner, and small business starter — but the road hasn’t been easy so far.

The Duggar Family Instagram posted about Jinger’s birthday to Instagram. “Jinger, we love you and appreciate your heart to follow God and to make a difference in the lives of others!” Jim Bob Duggar posted to the Instagram page. “You are a great wife, mother, daughter & friend! We pray God will continue to mightily bless your life! We all love you!”

Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, also posted for her birthday. “Happy 27th Birthday, my love!” he captioned his post of him and Jinger together.

Jessa Duggar posted a birthday tribute to Jinger

Jessa doesn’t post a birthday tribute for every Duggar’s birthday, but it’s clear she has a strong bond with Jinger. The sisters are close in age and did a lot together growing up. For that reason, Jinger gets a special birthday shoutout from Jessa.

“Happiest of birthdays to this beautiful sister and best friend of mine! @jingervuolo,” Jessa captioned her post showing Jinger and Jeremy together with their daughter. “Can’t believe this pic was taken 1 year ago— and to think that now you’re a family of 4! (Haha! Jeremy deep in thought over a theological discussion with Ben, no doubt.) Miss you terribly and wish I could’ve been there today to celebrate with you.”

“Awwwww thank you, Jess!!” Jinger commented on the post. “Love you and miss you terribly!!”

Fans seem to like Jessa’s choice of photo as well. “Their expressions are priceless!” one fan commented. “Happy birthday, Jinger!”

Duggar family critics think Jessa chose an odd photo for Jinger’s tribute

While Jessa’s followers appreciate Jinger’s birthday tribute, Duggar family critics think Jessa’s choice of photo was strange. Instead of Jinger being the most eye-catching one in the picture, it’s Jeremy who seems to capture the most attention while Jinger’s head is turned to the side.

“Anyone else think Jinger’s birthday tributes read like who can find the most unflattering photo of her?” one Reddit user noted.

“What an interesting picture of Jinger Jessa posted,” another commented. “Does she think if she posts a nice photo of her sister she won’t be ‘the cute one’ anymore?”

“Jinger is quite pretty (on the outside), and I know I’ve seen plenty of really nice pictures of her,” another noted. “None of her friends and family could select from any of those for her birthday tributes?”

Others think Jinger has lost some of her spark since moving to Los Angeles with Jeremy. The reason the couple moved was so Jeremy could continue his ministry studies, and with Jinger being in a whole new environment without her family, it’s likely been a tough transition.

Despite the potentially unflattering photos, it seems Jinger adores all the shoutouts!

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