Duggar Family Critics Think Jill Duggar Just Proved She Hasn’t Actually Changed at All After Instagram Story

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids have certainly changed since first appearing on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting. But it’s Jill Duggar who appears to be making the biggest leaps away from her family.

Her husband, Derick Dillard, told Instagram followers and publications alike that he and Jill are on the outs from the rest of Jill’s family. And it looks like Jill is taking major strides to set herself apart, as she enrolled her oldest son, Israel, into public school and no longer abides by a dress code.

So, is Jill really that much different than her siblings and parents now? After a recent Instagram Story, family critics are questioning how much she really did change. Here’s what they’re saying.

Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, spilled major tea about the Duggar family

Derick has been a wealth of information for the public when it comes to Jill’s relationship with TLC and her parents. At the end of 2019, he told an Instagram follower that Jill needed permission from Jim Bob before coming over to the big family home. He also called Jill an “abuse victim” and added that TLC pressured them to continue filming Counting On when they no longer wanted to.

Not only does Jill not see her parents as much as she used to, but Derick also told The Sun that Jim Bob is restricting Jill’s access to her siblings. “Because our visitation to the Duggar house has been restricted and that is where they and their spouses hang out, we have not been able to see other family as much as we would like, so that is difficult,” Derick explained.

Does Jill mind when Derick talks to publications about her family? Reports vary, but one source claimed Jill would “rather her husband stayed quiet.”

Jill seems to be taking huge steps toward a more modern life

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No matter what the situation is with Jill and her parents, it’s clear the mom of two is learning to live life her own way. She’s developing her own style which includes sleeveless tops, pants, and shorts — attire she was never allowed to sport as a kid. And she’s also promoting in-school education and science-based podcasts despite her strict Christian upbringing.

Jill posted a selfie to Instagram on June 4, and she stated she was listening to The Happiness Lab podcast. The podcast is generally light-hearted, but it uses plenty of science-based ideas. And family critics were shocked Jill would promote it when there are so many religious podcasts out there.

“The first time I researched it expecting it to be something Christian and was happily surprised that it wasn’t,” a Reddit user wrote.

Family critics now think she hasn’t changed as much as many thought

Jill might still hold on to some problematic beliefs she learned under her parents’ roof. She recently talked about the podcast Focus on the Family on her Instagram Story, as she loves it for “marriage and family topics.” But Reddit users noted the podcast is super problematic, as it’s anti-LGBTQ.

“Don’t get me wrong, good for Jill for putting her children in public school, posting about Black Lives Matter, etc but she’s still very ignorant about a lot of things,” a Reddit user commented after seeing the Instagram Story.

“Focus on the Family also literally advocates conversion therapy, and this is highlighted in their podcasts,” another wrote. “I do agree that Jill is out of IBLP, and I agree that real growth takes time. But that doesn’t mean that we should minimize the fact that she is actively promoting hatred.”

“I think a lot of us were wondering where Jill and Derick stood on LGBT matters after all the changes lately,” yet another wrote. “Now we have our answers.”

Others think Jill might continue to change her tune with time. We’re hopeful she can learn more about the community and grow more accepting as she goes.

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