Duggar Family Critics Think Joseph Duggar Barely Got to Know His Wife, Kendra Duggar, Before Her 3 Pregnancies

The Duggars are known for quick courtships and marrying young, and that’s no different for Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra. The young couple already has two kids and is now expecting their third. But Duggar family critics suspect the lovers might not even know each other very well at all. Here’s what they’re saying.

Joseph Duggar ‘observed’ Kendra Duggar prior to courting

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are big on courting, as they believe it’s “dating with purpose” and typically leads to a quick journey down the aisle. As for Joseph and Kendra, it seems they met through church. According to their website, Joseph met Kendra’s family back in 2012, but he didn’t really notice her until 2016.

“I had developed a good friendship with her dad, but I hadn’t spoken with Kendra very much at that point,” Joseph explained. “However, the more I talked with her and observed her from a distance, the more impressed I became with her godly character and her sweet and gentle spirit. The more I got to know about her as a person, the more I was drawn to her.”

Joseph then noted it “didn’t take long” for him to realize Kendra was exactly the type of woman he wanted to marry. By March 2017, the couple was officially courting. And less than a year later, Kendra and Joseph tied the knot in September 2017.

The couple just announced their third pregnancy

It’s hard to believe Kendra is just 22 years old — and she became pregnant with her first child just three months after her wedding at 19 years old. Soon after Garrett was born, Kendra found herself pregnant again at 20, and she had their daughter, Addison, at 21. Now, Kendra’s gearing up for her third child, as the couple made the Instagram announcement on Aug. 19, 2020.

“We are so excited to announce that we have a tie-breaker coming in February. Baby #3 is on the way!” the couple captioned their Instagram post. “We are so excited to see Garrett and Addison’s reaction when they meet the new baby. Garrett has already been such a loving big brother to Addison and we look forward to Addison’s reaction to a life size baby doll.”

It seems some think Joseph and Kendra have hinted in the past that they may be well on their way to having just as many children as Jim Bob and Michelle, too. Counting On producers made a comment to the couple about childbirth getting easier after 17 kids. Kendra noted she wasn’t so sure about that but made no mention that many kids would be out of the question.

Duggar family critics think Joseph barely knows Kendra

There’s no doubt both Joseph and Kendra are going to grow and change a lot through their marriage, as they tied the knot at a very young age. But Duggar family critics also think Joseph barely knows Kendra as anything other than a mother to their kids.

“Joe knows so little about his wife that he doesn’t even know how much a baby/babies take from her,” a Reddit user commented. “The rest of y’all can believe she’s happy but I’ve heard Michelle and Joy admit that babies ‘kill’ them, that they ‘die’ a little each day.”

“Even Michelle and Jim Bob were married for 3 years before they got pregnant,” another wrote. “They were dumb kids but at least they got to know each other.”

“Kendra doesn’t know Kendra not pregnant or postpartum,” another noted. “Instead of spending her late teens and early 20s having fun and getting to know herself, she’s pregnant and post-partum.”

We can’t say for sure what Joseph and Kendra’s relationship is like, but we’re plenty of future focus will be on having another healthy baby and raising the kids. We’re excited to hear more!

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