Duggar Family Critics Think Josiah Duggar’s Wife, Lauren, Just Copied Another Reality Star’s Look

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggars via 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On over the years know Josiah and Lauren Duggar. The young couple has a daughter, Bella, and they also have an Instagram for their fans to follow. Unfortunately, the couple repeatedly takes some missteps with social media. And Duggar family critics don’t hesitate to call Lauren out for some of her posts.

It seems critics keep noticing that Lauren looks up to many of her sisters-in-law and others close to the Duggar family. And they pointed out that Lauren seems to have copied one of the Bates daughters from Bringing Up Bates. Here’s why.

Some thought Josiah Duggar’s wife, Lauren Duggar, tried to copy Jinger Duggar

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At just 21 years old, it’s wild to think that Lauren is already married, has gone through a miscarriage, and now has a healthy baby girl with Josiah. And she shares many aspects of her life with her Instagram followers. It’s clear Lauren looks up to her older sisters-in-law, too, as some of her posts look similar to what the other Duggars add to their social media feeds. And when Lauren seemed to change up her hairstyle, many wondered if she was copying Jinger.

Back in February 2020, Jinger debuted new hair. “As Valentine’s Day slowly approaches, I thought it would be nice to go for a new hairdo!” she captioned her post showing off her blonde locks. Later that month, Lauren also dyed her hair.

“Many of you are wondering if I went blonde!” Lauren noted in an Instagram Story. “I think this filter makes it look more blonde than what it is, but it’s just more of an ash toned balayage.”

Others thought Lauren was emulating Jessa Duggar

It’s not just Jinger who Lauren looks up to. It seems she has a good relationship with Jessa as well — and she posted a video of her baby that’s very similar to one Jessa posted of her daughter.

Jessa’s posted a few videos of Ivy trying to say words. And, of course, the happy mom attempted to get her daughter to say “mama.” After Jessa posted this content to social media, it wasn’t long before Lauren added her own video of her trying to get Bella to say “mama” as well.

Lauren added an Instagram Story on May 26 of her baby saying “mama.” Of course, Lauren’s joyous reaction was caught in the background of the video.

“Yay! You said ‘mama’!” Lauren happily exclaimed.

Critics now think Lauren is trying to copy a member of the ‘Bringing Up Bates’ family

It looks like Lauren has been accused of copying Josie Bates as well. The Bates and Duggars are quite close, so there’s no doubt the two know each other. In the past, some Duggar family critics thought Lauren copied Bates’ Christmas photo ideas and personal style. Now, a new photo emerged showing Lauren has the same brown baby carrier as Josie, too.

“I must admit this is getting a little strange,” one Reddit user noted. “Once or twice it could be a coincidence, but this is becoming a habit with Lauren.”

“And there are SO. MANY. Different brands/styles/patterns of carriers out there,” another mentioned. “It’s nearly impossible that this is a coincidence.”

Others think some grace should be given to Lauren, as she doesn’t seem to have many friends outside of the Duggar family circle, and emulating those close to her seems natural.

“I can’t fault Lauren too much, we all look to others for our style when we are young — just the majority of us get it from magazines, TV shows, or celebrities. Lauren has none of that — just other fundies,” another added.

We’ll have to wait and see if Lauren grows out of this habit and develops her own personal style as she ages.

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