Duggar Family Critics Think Joy-Anna Duggar’s Latest Instagram Ad Proves She Doesn’t Understand the Sponsored Product at All

There’s no doubt the Duggars make plenty of money via TLC thanks to Counting On, but it’s clear many of the Duggar women are also using social media to boost their income. From skincare to rugs to other household items, Joy-Anna, Jinger, Anna, and Lauren Duggar are all infamous for pushing products to their fans. And Joy-Anna recently posted about her favorite hair styling tool, BrushX.

Unfortunately, fans think Joy-Anna’s sponsored video for BrushX makes zero sense. Here’s what they’re saying.

Joy-Anna Duggar might be pushing more sponsored content now that she left ‘Counting On’

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Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna had a ton of airtime on Counting On, but they chose to take a step back from reality TV completely. Those who follow the couple on social media know Austin has his own house-flipping business and remains busy with that. And Joy-Anna is currently pregnant and expecting to give birth to a little girl in August 2020.

While Joy-Anna and Austin may not have the income of the show coming in, Joy-Anna is getting creative. She doesn’t have a college degree or seemingly a desire to work outside of the home, as it’s typical for the Duggar women to remain as stay-at-home moms. But, she is expanding her fan outreach with her YouTube channel. And she’s also keeping up with product sponsorships to push to the public.

Joy-Anna’s in good company when it comes to promoting sponsored content — but not all of her sisters have had much luck. Jinger’s had multiple sponsorships fall through after attempting to live the Instagram influencer life. Hopefully, Joy-Anna will have more luck.

Joy-Anna advertised a brush to her Instagram Story

Joy-Anna Duggar's Instagram Story for BrushX
Joy-Anna Duggar’s Instagram Story for BrushX | Joy Forsyth via Instagram Story

It’s no secret that Joy-Anna advertises a number of products to her Instagram. And she’s at it again with BrushX. She showed off the brush on her Instagram Story to tell her followers how it works and what she loves about it.

“Most of the time I do not have time to blow-dry and straighten my hair. But, I just found gold. This thing is awesome,” Joy-Anna explained on her Story while holding the BrushX. “And the awesome thing is it doesn’t damage your hair. It actually repairs it. And it releases negative ions.”

Joy-Anna then gave a demo of how the brush works. “Ionic technology makes your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy,” she captioned her Story. And she then mentioned that it only took her 19 minutes for salon-quality hair when it would typically take over 30.

Duggar family critics think the ad is her worst yet

While Joy-Anna may love her BrushX, Duggar family critics think the advertisement is seriously bad. It’s clear Joy-Anna doesn’t exactly know what “negative ions” mean in the context of what she’s selling, and everyone noticed.

“‘It doesn’t damage your hair, it actually repairs it… it releases negative ions’ ….. what, Joy????” a Reddit user commented.

“I love how this company thinks hiring an unemployed homeschooled woman to talk about ‘ions’ is … something that’s going to sell their product,” another wrote.

“Oh my god, she thinks negative means bad in this context and not just that they have a negative charge,” yet another wrote.

Despite the criticism, we’re sure Joy-Anna will continue pushing products to her fans, as her new life without Counting On may depend on it. We’re just hoping we’ll get more updates on her personal life and less sponsored content in the future.

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