Duggar Family Critics Think There’s Evidence Jinger Duggar Doesn’t Have Any Real Friends in Los Angeles

Jinger Duggar is the first of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids to head out west — and she appears to be thriving. She posts photos and videos to Instagram showing off her new life with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter, Felicity. And now, the couple’s expecting another child.

Jeremy adores Jinger, and he threw her a surprise birthday party with plenty of her friends. But Duggar family critics suspect Jinger doesn’t actually have close friends in California. Here’s what they’re talking about.

Jinger Duggar lives in Los Angeles with husband Jeremy Vuolo

Duggar fans were shocked when Jinger and Jeremy made the announcement they were moving to Los Angeles. The two were living in Texas prior to their move in 2019, but once Jeremy was admitted into the ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, they decided to take a leap of faith and head out to California.

“We’ve made the decision to move to LA for me to pursue some further theological education and to get plugged in with the church here in California,” Jeremy explained at the time.

Some fans were worried about how Jinger would handle life in the big city. But she’s talked about wanting to get out of Arkansas through her teen years and young adult life — and she’s thriving. Her style has completely changed since enjoying all that LA has to offer. And she’s even trying her hand at becoming a successful Instagram influencer, though she’s experienced plenty of challenges there, as many aren’t fans of the Duggars.

Her surprise birthday party featured a number of ‘friends’ who are much older

Jeremy wanted to surprise Jinger for her birthday, and Pop Culture posted a clip from Counting On showing the party Jeremy threw that Jinger had no idea about.

“I was like … woah, this is crazy. So, what’s going on?” Jinger asked the camera prior to learning of the surprise. Finally, she stepped into her friends’ home and saw a crowd of people waiting for her arrival and singing her “Happy Birthday.”

“I saw so many friends in the room, and it just blew me away that Jer planned all of this for my birthday,” Jinger shared to the camera. Not only did Jeremy invite all of their Calfornia friends to celebrate, but Jana, Jessa, and Jim Bob and Michelle were also waiting in the wings to surprise Jinger. And the entire celebration was enough to make Jinger cry with gratitude and joy.

Duggar critics think Jinger might not have friends of her own


‘Counting On’: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Did Way More for Jinger Duggar’s Birthday Than for Jill Duggar’s

Jinger certainly knew all of the folks surprising her for her birthday. But Reddit users noted it seemed like a number of the guests were actually much older than the Duggar daughter — and it made them question whether Jinger had any genuine friendships in California.

“These must all be members of the church they go to/grift from,” one Reddit user guessed. “No way Jingle has made that many real friends in the year she’s been in LA. It’s kind of sad actually. Imagine your husband throws you a surprise party but doesn’t have any friends to invite, just people who feel obligated.”

“I think being at a surprise party full of people a decade or two older than me who I don’t even know would depress me far more than spending my birthday alone,” another wrote.

“My guess would be because Jinger doesn’t really have friends, she has her husband’s friends’ wives,” another noted. “Since Jeremy is older, so are her friends.”

Jinger seemed quite happy in the video, so we’re hoping she does have a solid support system in Los Angeles. But we know her best friends — her sisters — are from where she lives.

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