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Anna Duggar has returned to social media. In her first post since Josh Duggar was convicted of two child pornography charges, she opted to defend her husband. The decision did not go over well with Duggar family followers. The Duggar family doesn’t seem sure how to react either. Three days after the posts went live, no one from the Duggar family has so much as liked the content. 

Anna Duggar defended Josh Duggar on both Instagram and Twitter 

Anna Duggar broke her months-long social media hiatus to defend her husband, who became a convicted felon on December 9. The mother of seven took to both Twitter and Instagram on February 3 to share a link to a motion filed by Josh Duggar’s lawyers. Anna stated that there was “more to the story.” 

While the link was initially broken, it appears that Anna was sharing the PDF version of a motion filed by the defense. Josh Duggar’s defense team asked a judge to throw out his conviction or agree to a new trial. Josh’s lawyers filed the motion in January 2022. It didn’t seem to present any new or especially intriguing evidence, though. 

No one in the Duggar family commented on Anna’s content 

While Anna chose to return to social media to defend her husband, her in-laws don’t appear to support her decision. Anna posted to both Twitter and Instagram three days ago. As of press time, none of the Duggars have commented on or even liked the content. 

The Duggar family is generally quick to engage with content posted by their family members. The unanimous decision to ignore Anna’s post is pretty telling, especially when considering several family members posted to their accounts on the same day. Several family members commented on her Instagram post from November 2021 when she announced the birth of baby number 7.

Duggar family followers drag the mother of seven for her post

Anna’s return to social media didn’t go as well as she likely planned. Instead of finding support, Duggar family followers dragged Anna. While some family followers initially felt bad for Anna, most of the sympathy and support offered to her has evaporated because of her continued support of Josh. 

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar standing together and smiling at an event. Anna is pregnant and holding her belly with one hand
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images

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Anna shut off comments on her Instagram post but didn’t do so on Twitter. Since posting the tweet, she’s received nearly 600 replies, with multiple Twitter users pointing out that she needs to stop defending a man convicted of possessing child pornography. Several more Twitter users point out that Anna was smug for the duration of Josh’s trial and remains smug now.