Duggar Followers Are Convinced Josh Duggar’s Wife, Anna, Isn’t Keeping a Close Eye on Her Kids

It’s tough to keep track of everything going on with the Duggars these days. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first brought their kids into the spotlight over a decade ago, there have been scandals that have rocked the family to its core. And many of the worst bits of drama surround Josh Duggar.

While Josh doesn’t have a social media presence and appears to stay out of the public eye, his wife, Anna, has plenty of followers. She shares everything about her day-to-day life with her six kids to Instagram. But one post showing her son, Mason, getting into a jar of applesauce is making some of her followers think she really has trouble keeping up with her kids.

Josh Duggar’s wife, Anna, posted a photo of her mischievous son

Anna Duggar gave birth to her sixth child back in November 2019, and since then, she’s managed to take care of her other five kids without missing many Duggar family events. However, when you have six little ones to take care of, there are certain things that slip through the cracks. And Anna just posted a photo of her 2-year-old son, Mason, sneaking around for more applesauce.

“Mason decided to help himself to some applesauce…but I think it’s a little too much applesauce for one little guy!” Anna captioned her post showing Mason sipping applesauce through a straw at the table. “P.S. — Mason grabbed his straw and couldn’t wait for me to get his little bowl for him…he didn’t get much since I didn’t let him make a meal out of it either!”

She’s reportedly lost track of her kids in the past

Anna tries her best to relate to her followers with her parenting tales. But she doesn’t share every little detail. According to Radar Online, Anna lost track of one of her daughters while visiting Silver Dollar City Theme Park in Missouri on Nov. 20.

At the time, Anna was nine-months pregnant with baby No. 6, and there was also major drama going on with Josh and Homeland Security. Reports were rolling in that Homeland Security investigators were at Josh’s place of work. While fans are curious as to what could’ve been going down, we’re still unsure — but it may have been enough to rattle Anna while she visited the park.

“Josh and Anna were sitting on the asphalt within the park while their kids ran around from ride to ride. It was so weird that they were a bit far from their kids, but all of a sudden Anna was looking really frantic,” an insider told Radar Online. “They were all concerned. But then Jim Bob found her in the butterfly ride and told Anna, who was relieved.”

This isn’t the first time Anna’s had trouble keeping track of the kids, either. When Anna was visiting Jinger in Los Angeles, she briefly lost track of Mason while at the Autry Museum.

Followers think she doesn’t keep a very close eye on her children

Given what Anna posted about Mason on Jan. 16 and what occurred back in 2019, Reddit users are starting to wonder if Anna monitors her children closely at all.

“We all know how well she watches this one specifically, so I’m not shocked,” one Reddit user sarcastically commented.

“1. That applesauce looks absolutely disgusting. 2. It’s apparent Anna is not watching her kids,” another wrote.

Others seem to think the entire applesauce stunt was staged for Instagram.

“You know how long it would take a kid that age to get the applesauce, take the lid off, find a straw, climb up on a chair, settle in, suck down applesauce. Not buying it,” a user wrote.

“I don’t believe for one second that he got the jar, opened it, had the smarts to get a straw and ‘helped himself’…,” the user who started the thread noted.

Whether Mason really did get himself into trouble or Anna staged the photo for a laugh, we may never know. We’re hoping she’s watching her kids (and getting parenting help from other family members) more than many believe she is, though!

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