Duggar Followers Noticed the Duggar Women Ditch the Strict Dress Code When Pregnant

Those who’ve watched the Duggar family over the years know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had a seriously strict dress code for their 19 kids. But now, the kids are growing up fast — and many fan favorites are adults with spouses and families of their own. We’ve watched Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna (just to name a few) blossom into adulthood and become individuals. And we’ve also seen how they’re breaking dress code rules left and right.

Now, Duggar critics are noticing that the Duggar women tend to totally ditch the dress code rules during their pregnancies. Here’s what they’re talking about.

The Duggars abide by a strict dress code

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Sister time.

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Jim Bob and Michelle brought all their children up in a strict Christian household — and this meant there were plenty of rules that were expected to be followed. The girls were not allowed to wear pants, as skirts that hit below the knee were considered more modest. And they also had to cover up their shoulders and neckline as much as possible. Even traditional bathing suits were not allowed.

Not only that, but the Duggars also had a code word they whispered to each other when an immodest woman was walking by. The women would whisper “Nike” to each other to signal to the men that they should avert their gaze.

“That’s a signal to the boys, and even to Dad, that they should nonchalantly drop their eyes and look down at their shoes as we walk past her,” the Duggar daughters wrote in Growing Up Duggar. “It’s meant to help keep the guys’ eyes from seeing things they shouldn’t be seeing.”

Family critics noticed Joy-Anna Duggar’s form-fitting shirt on Instagram

Joy-Anna is pregnant with a baby girl, and she’s excitedly sharing the entire experience with her Instagram and YouTube followers. She and Austin Forsyth already have a son, Gideon, and Joy-Anna had a devastating miscarriage last year. Now, she’s more than ready to add another little one to the mix. And she posted a photo of a 30-week update to Instagram on June 10.

“30 weeks!” she captioned the post showing off her baby belly in a tight gray shirt and skirt that hits right above the knee.

Duggar family critics noticed the look as well.

“So showing your belly button is ok as long as you’re knocked up. Got it,” one Reddit user noted.

“I’m so sick of them constantly harping about ‘mOdEsTy’ but they turn around then wear the tightest clothes possible when they’re pregnant. (Looking at you, Jessa),” another added.

They also commented on Jinger Duggar’s dress she wore during her second pregnancy

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It’s not just Joy-Anna who’s getting side-eye from critics. Jinger recently announced a pregnancy as well, and she’s showing off her growing baby belly on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself in a pretty green dress to Instagram on June 14. And many noticed the low neckline and hem that hit above the knee.

“That’s possibly the lowest neckline I’ve seen on a Duggar daughter,” a Reddit user commented. To that, another responded, “Well she is pregnant. Their modesty standards get lowered substantially when it comes to showing off their pregnancy.”

“It seems like all modesty rules go out the window the second a Duggar gets knocked up,” another wrote.

“I find it strange how they always show more skin while pregnant,” another commented. “If all men need constant supervision to control themselves, why do they let their guard down at their most vulnerable?”

We’re sure there will certainly be more Duggar pregnancies in the future, so we’re curious to see if this clothing trend continues.

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