Duggar News: Jason Duggar Claimed Jana Duggar Can Now Skip This Rule

Duggar news is picking up in 2021. Justin Duggar recently married, and everyone’s wondering what’s going on with Jana Duggar, as suspicion is growing that she’s in a courtship. Even more recently, Jason Duggar, Jana’s younger brother, claimed Jana no longer has to abide by this family rule.

What are the Duggars’ rules?

Jill, Jinger, Jessa, and Jana Duggar standing with each other on a TV set
Jill, Jinger, Jessa, and Jana Duggar in New York City in 2014 | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

The Duggar family’s known for their extensive rules set by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The strict parents are devout Christians and believe everything they do should be in the name of God. This means there are strict rules regarding what their 19 children are allowed to do, watch, and listen to, in addition to how they’re allowed to dress.

The Duggars made headlines in the past due to their strict dress code. The women and young girls living at home aren’t allowed to wear pants or shirts that expose their shoulders or chest area. Instead, they’re expected to wear long, loose-fitting skirts and shirts with full coverage.

Additionally, there are tons of rules regarding dating. The Duggars believe in “courtships,” which is dating with a purpose — and most courtships end in marriage. So far, Jana Duggar is the oldest in the family to still live at home, as she’s 31 and unmarried, and she’s reportedly had a few failed courtships in the past.

Jason Duggar claiming Jana Duggar can skip out on this rule is major Duggar news

There might be major Duggar news — and it’s all about Jana Duggar. Typically, unmarried Duggar women don’t travel alone. We’ve seen Jim Bob take a number of trips by Jana’s side even though Jana’s well into adulthood. But Jason, who’s just 20, just set the record straight.

CafeMom reports Jana might have more independence than originally suspected, though. Recently, she posted photos of her travels to Waco, Texas, and it seems Jason was also in attendance. They visited Magnolia Market, the majorly successful establishment created by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Jason posted photos of the travels, too. And one fan commented and assumed Jason was Jana’s chaperone. “Kind of sad that at 30 years old Jana is still never allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone,” they wrote on Instagram.

To that, another follower noted Jana actually can go anywhere she wants. And another fan reportedly asked if there’s a quote to prove it. To that, Jason replied, in quotes, “‘She can.'”

Is Jana Duggar courting?

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The day Jana Duggar starts courting will be major Duggar news. And it looks like fans and critics alike are wondering if an announcement is on the horizon. Jana was recently in Texas for her brother’s wedding — and so was a man named Stephen Wissmann. According to Reddit users, Jana and Stephen were spotted spending time together. And there’s a photo taken around Christmas 2020 that shows Jana at Stephen’s family home.

As for who Stephen is, he’s 27, and he also comes from a huge family where he’s one of 13.

“Honestly, this guy could be good for Jana even though he lives far away,” a Reddit user commented. “Into music and construction sounds like what she’s looking for.”

We’re excited to learn more about this possible courtship.

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