Duggar News: Lauren Caldwell Caught Wearing James Duggar’s Shirt

Duggar family fans and critics love knowing which Duggars are courting. Now, all eyes are on Lauren Caldwell, Kendra Duggar’s sister. While Kendra is married to Joseph Duggar, rumors are swirling that her sister might be involved with James Duggar. Now, critics found additional evidence to support this, as Lauren appeared to wear James’ shirt in a recent photo found online. Here’s the latest Duggar news.

Is Lauren Caldwell dating a Duggar? Duggar family critics suspect she is

Lauren is Kendra’s younger sister, and the family seems to be quite close with the Duggars. Duggar family fans who’ve watched TLC’s Counting On have likely seen Lauren, as she was there for the birth of Kendra’s second child.

Now, Lauren’s stepping out of her older sister’s shadow. Fans suspect she’s dating James now, but initially, rumors suggested she was courting Jason Duggar. A 2019 photo of Jason and Lauren on a mission trip sparked the rumors.

While Jason and Lauren are certainly not an item now, new evidence suggests it’s James who’s stepping up to court the Caldwell sister. James joined Kendra and Joseph with the rest of the Caldwells for a boat ride out on the lake — and it didn’t look like any other Duggars were invited. James has also been spotted on several other outings with the Caldwells, suggesting he’s getting to know Lauren even better before an official courtship is announced.

Lauren Caldwell wearing James Duggar’s shirt is the latest in Duggar news

Critics on Reddit have major Duggar family news to support the theory of a courtship between Lauren and James. A fan posted a photo of a smiling Lauren as she lays in the grass. She’s allegedly wearing a shirt that belongs to James. The shirt is burgundy in color and has “J&J Service” printed on one side.

“James is wearing this shirt on an Instagram post on Jason’s Instagram on August 7, 2020,” a Reddit user noted.

Sure enough, the critic is correct. A post on Jason’s Instagram from Aug. 7, 2020, shows Jason, Justin, and James singing together on a job site in a room with fantastic acoustics. James wears the same shirt Lauren now has.

“While I don’t think people this young and inexperienced in life should get married at least these two have some chemistry and know each other,” another Reddit user commented on the thread.

Are there any new Duggar courtships?

John David, Josiah, and Joseph Duggar sitting down for an interview about the Duggar family and Duggar news
John David, Josiah, and Joseph Duggar sitting down for an interview about the Duggar family | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

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Aside from the Duggar news of Lauren and James possibly courting, are any other Duggar family members engaging in courtships? While the Duggars haven’t officially announced anything, fans and critics alike think Jana Duggar is deep in a courtship. There’s alleged evidence Jana is seeing a pilot named Stephen Wissmann from Nebraska.

Other than Jana, fans and critics also think Jeremiah Duggar is courting Stephen’s sister, Hannah Wissmann. It seems the Wissmanns are in good standing with the Duggars, much like the Caldwells.

Would the Duggars really keep their courtships a secret? After what occurred with Jedidiah Duggar, it’s clear they would. Jedidiah secretly courted and then married Katey Nakatsu and only announced the relationship after tying the knot.

We’re hoping we get to hear more about these possible courtships on social media or future episodes of TLC’s Counting On!

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