Duggar News: Some Viewers Are Convinced There’s Drama Between Lauren Duggar and the Family

The Duggar family has found themselves in hot water in the past, between Josh Duggar’s scandals and rumors of family rifts. But Counting On’s followers have also suspected that there could be some bad blood between Lauren Duggar and her husband Josiah’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob. And a recent social media post once again has fans suspecting things aren’t great between Lauren and her in-laws.

Josiah and Lauren Duggar on 'Counting On'
Josiah and Lauren Duggar on ‘Counting On’ | TLC/YouTube

Duggar followers have suspected Lauren isn’t on great terms with the Duggar family

Lauren has always gone against the grain in terms of Duggar behavior. She and Josiah wed back in 2018, and fans have long suspected that she’s not like the other Duggar wives. Lauren appears to have more of a say in her relationship and how her marriage operates, though it’s long been known that the Duggar men are typically the heads of household.

In 2019, Lauren opened up about having a miscarriage during her first pregnancy — and the depression that set in afterward. Lauren was open about her mental health struggle, and some followers of the show suspected it caused a divide between Lauren and her in-laws, since the Duggars typically don’t discuss anything regarding mental health.

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People are theorizing what Michelle and Jim Bob’s social media post about Lauren means

There has been speculation for some time that Lauren wishes to remain outside the spotlight of her famous family. She tends to shy away from Counting On and doesn’t appear to love the camera attention in the same way as the others.

Now, though, some people have recognized that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar seemingly forgot to wish their daughter-in-law a happy birthday on Instagram, which they typically do for all family members. The Duggar family Instagram noted that it’s been a “busy” birthday week and wished Lauren a happy birthday a day late. But Reddit users aren’t buying it.

“Wow, a very ‘heartfelt’ birthday story for Lauren,” the original poster wrote.

“Oh nothing about her having a servant’s heart or anything like that?” another user questioned, sarcastically.

“I’d rather my family didn’t publicly post anything for my birthday at all than post a day late. No post can look like just a privacy preference but a post a day late just screams rude!” someone else wrote.

“It’s a busy time for our family is code for you’re very [far] down our list of priorities lol,” one person added.

There is no hard evidence to suggest a family rift

Though the show’s followers have speculated things don’t seem that great between Lauren and the rest of the Duggar family, there is no hard evidence to suggest this is the case. While other family rifts (such as the complications between Jill Duggar and her parents) have been proven, neither Lauren nor the other Duggars have ever spoken about any familial issues.

Lauren has also never admitted whether she likes or dislikes the spotlight — fans can only speculate based on her actions when the cameras are rolling.