Dwayne Johnson’s Miami Teammate Says ‘The Rock’ Saved His Marriage: ‘Dewey, Thanks For Helping Me Get My Wife Back’

Dwayne Johnson has range. He is the most successful wrestler-turned-actor of all time. He can go from singing show tunes in Moana to a rough and tumble adventure in Jumanji without even batting an eye. But he’s actually more multitalented than most people realize. Not only was he a great wrestler in his day, but he was also a football player in college. Johnson played for the University of Miami football team, and he was pretty good. In fact, it seems like it was almost pure luck that kept Johnson from a successful NFL career

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was cut by a Canadian football team 

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Johnson was a great football player. Some fans may think that the fact he never went pro means he wasn’t good, but according to teammates, that’s not the case. According to The Undefeated, one former coach says that Johnson was one of the greatest college football players in the country, but happened to be on a team with all-star players. That may have left Johnson somewhat overshadowed, but he never got a chip on his shoulder. Johnson was a team player. 

After college, Johnson went to play for a Canadian team, the Calgary Stampeders. For whatever reason, they cut Johnson mere months after his arrival in Canada. He was left jobless and penniless. But Johnson had an in at the family business. His father and grandfather were both WWE wrestlers, so when his football career fizzled, Johnson went on to follow in their footsteps. 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was well-loved by his University of Miami teammates 

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Now that Johnson is famous, his former teammates could easily spill the tea on any drama Johnson caused during his tenure at the University of Miami. But they don’t, because Johnson really was a great guy. A lot of his former teammates still consider him a good friend. He played with some of the greats, including Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward. 

Johnson’s Miami teammates called him Dewey, and they still remember his best plays to this day, according to ESPN. In fact, a clip of one of his best football moments appears in Fast and Furious 7. Johnson’s character is sitting in a hospital bed watching football on TV, and the football that’s on is actually one of Johnson’s old games. 

His old teammate Kevin Patrick would go on to take a position as the North Carolina State defensive line coach. He makes sure to watch all of Johnson’s movies when they come out. According to Patrick, “He’s a good friend of mine; I love him dearly. I’ve watched almost all of his movies.”

One teammate credits Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for saving his marriage

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Patrick has more reason than most to be grateful for Johnson. According to Patrick, Johnson basically saved his relationship. When Patrick’s girlfriend broke up with him, he was able to convince her to take a trip to the mall. Things didn’t look good for the relationship when he happened to stumble upon Johnson at the same shopping mall. Johnson was wrestling with the WWE at the time and offered his friend tickets. 

Naturally, Patrick accepted. Johnson asked if his friend, who unbeknownst to Johnson was the girl Patrick was trying to win back, would like to go. The young lady accepted, and Patrick went to the match with her. The two ended up getting back together, and Patrick credits Johnson entirely. “If it weren’t for Dwayne, I would not be married to my wife, and he does not know this. Ever since then, my wife has been by my side. Sometimes my wife and I joke about, ‘What if we didn’t see The Rock that day? Would she still have left?’ So I don’t think he knows that, but Dewey, thanks for helping me get my wife back.”