Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Daughter Wants To Wrestle in the WWE

Dwayne Johnson, who recently launched a new NBC sitcom, Young Rock,  is known for being an international movie star who makes a ton of money. However, before he reached his current level of success, he was well-known as a professional wrestler, going by the stage name “The Rock.”

Although Johnson’s days in the ring are mostly behind him, it appears that the wrestling tradition may remain in his family. His daughter Simone has expressed interest in professional wrestling, and if she joins the WWE she’ll be a fourth-generation professional wrestler. 

 While many parents may not be into the idea of their kid getting slammed off a top rope, Johnson actually supports his daughter’s interest in wrestling. Because professional wrestling runs in the family, he loves the idea of her continuing the legacy.

Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is interested in wrestling professionally

Dwayne Johnson at the  "Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films" presentation
Dwayne Johnson at the “Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios: The Upcoming Films” presentation| Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

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Johnson spoke about his daughter’s interest in wrestling during a 2018 interview with Stephen Colbert. Even though his daughter has expressed a desire to start wrestling, Johnson makes sure to mention the risks of the career.

“It’s incredibly dangerous,” Johnson said. “I mean, I grew up in the business of wrestling, I was hurt a lot and it’s a tough business because there’s no seasons to it.”

Despite the inherent dangers of professional wrestling, his daughter remains passionate about getting into the family business. 

“She’s very interested in it,” Johnson said. “She has great passion about it.”

He fully supports his daughter becoming a professional wrestler 

Regardless of what people may think about the career choice, Johnson loves the idea because he knows that wrestling is a more feasible career now than it was when he was doing it. 

“I love it,” Johnson said. “I love the idea of her doing it, only because … the wrestling business these days are a lot different than when I was there … so I feel very comfortable with it these days.”

When Johnson was wrestling, he spent countless nights on the road and received very low pay.

“It was hardcore,” Johnson said. “So when I first started out, we would … live life like gypsies and I would wrestle, I had a guarantee of $40 per match every night.”

Johnson had so little money that he ate nearly every meal at Waffle House.

“It was long green, really long green,” Johnson said. “I was living at the Waffle House, I ate there three times a day.”

Dwayne Johnson’s family has been involved with professional wrestling for three generations

Outside of the WWE’s improvements in operations, Johnson is also excited to see his daughter keep the family tradition alive. 

“There’s a lineage that I came from,” Johnson said. “My grandfather wrestled for Vince McMahon’s dad in the ‘70s, and my dad wrestled for Vince McMahon in the ‘80s, and I came along in the ‘90s and the early 2000s wrestling for Vince McMahon.”

Johnson’s grandmother was also the first female wrestling promoter ever. 

“My grandmother wound up being the first female wrestling promoter in the history of wrestling, it was very cool,” Johnson said. “And she was a badass too, by the way.” 

Whatever Johnson’s daughter decides to do, she has great odds at becoming successful.