Eddie From ‘Below Deck’ Reveals What Chef Rachel and Captain Lee Are Really Like – Also Shares Dream Team (Exclusive)

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck mended any conflict he had with chef Rachel Hargrove because he recently described her as being great to work with.

“You know, she was so much better this season,” Lucas dished in an exclusive virtual fan meetup through YourEncore. “She was great and we got along really, really well. And we had a great time together. I really like working with her. She’s such an amazing chef.”

He joked, “She’s crazy! But I’ve never met a yacht chef who isn’t crazy. I mean, look at Ben [Robinson]. It just is how it is.”

Eddie Lucas shares what Captain Lee is like outside of ‘Below Deck’

Lucas also said that Captain Lee Rosbach is the same off-camera. “Captain Lee, he’s not that different really,” Lucas said. “He’s not very different, but the thing is, is when he’s on, and working as a captain. And then from when he and I hang out, you know like hanging out at his house or going to get dinner together, he’s still Captain Lee. And I still call him the captain – always.”

Eddie Lucas from Below Deck appears on WWHL
Eddie Lucas from Below Deck appears on WWHL | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“But he’s such a nice, just caring, wonderful guy,” Lucas continued. “I mean he’s won the hearts of anyone I’ve met. And you know, he can act kinda cold, officious a little bit on the show. But outside when he’s not on call, he’s not operating the boat, he is the loving captain you see at times. All the time. And he’s a great guy.”

Could Eddie Lucas take over for Captain Lee on the show someday?

Fans have recently wondered if Bravo is grooming Lucas to take over for Rosbach when he eventually retires. Lucas says he still has a lot to learn and Rosbach isn’t going anywhere right now. “We’ll see what happens,” Lucas said about becoming a captain someday.

“But driving these types of boats is something you need experience doing. And yeah, I operate a tug boat. It’s a 700-ton tug boat, 5,000 horsepower and it’s 86 feet long. It’s very very difficult work. But the operations of it, the controls to control my tug boat, compared to the yacht are very different.”

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Fans are seeing Lucas gain experience in the wheelhouse. Rosbach is bringing Lucas into the wheelhouse to drive the boat so Lucas is definitely getting the experience to someday become a captain.

But Lucas said he needs a lot more driving time to even start talking about moving into the captain position. “So if I was gonna take over for Captain Lee, I would need a lot more stick time,” he shared. “So tough to do, living in Baltimore! There’s not a lot of yachts in Baltimore.”

Who is on Eddie Lucas’ ‘Below Deck’ dream team?

Lucas also dished an updated version of his dream team. Of course, it included Rosbach, but he also listed quite a few crew members from the current season too. He acknowledged that fans haven’t totally warmed up to new chief stew Heather Chase, but he thinks she’s great at her job. “She’s an amazing chief stew,” he said. “She’s really, really good at her job.” But he admitted he loved working with chief stew Kate Chastain.

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“I would love to work with Josiah [Carter],” he continued. “Josiah would be amazing.” He also loved being roommates with Fraser Olender. “I would also work with Fraser again in a heartbeat. Fraser is such a great guy. Best roommate. One of the best roommates I’ve had.” He also listed Robinson as his chef and good friend deckhand David Bradberry.

“I would work with Jake [Foulger] again,” Lucas added. “Jake is such a great guy. He’s such a great, great lead deckhand. He works so, so hard. I would work with Connie [Arias]. Connie … love Connie. I would have Connie as my bosun.”

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