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The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year. The trilogy ended with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003. The entire trilogy is well-received. The third entry won 11 Academy Awards, including for Best Picture. However, the fan base has varying opinions on which installment is considered the best. Elijah Wood plays hobbit Frodo across the trilogy. He recently said which entry is his favorite and explained why.

‘Lord of the Rings’ cast formed close relationships

Wood discussed the trilogy with the ReelBlend podcast. He explained how much he enjoyed filming Fellowship of the Ring. “The feeling of shooting Fellowship was always extraordinary because of that group dynamic,” Wood said. “Specifically, for me, it was getting to spend time with the four Hobbits as a unit, which was so lovely, and we all were so close.”

Wood expressed how the camaraderie with his fellow cast members made the experience particularly special. Fellowship of the Ring is the first installment, so it must have been exciting to be just starting a series of movies such as these.

Wood continued: “Being with Viggo (Mortensen) and Sean Bean and Orlando (Bloom), having that whole unit and working together on some of those sequences was just always thrilling. Most of the Fellowship stuff was shot in earlier days, so there was some cohesion to that.”

Elijah Wood sees ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies as ‘dynamic’ and ‘super emotional’

'Lord of the Rings' star Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

The Fellowship of the Ring is Wood’s favorite Lord of the Rings movie. The relationships that he built are one of the big reasons why the movie holds such a special place in his heart. However, he also enjoys how it sets up the two following movies.

“I, like you, share a specific love for Fellowship of the Ring as well, as a film,” Wood said. “There is something about that fellowship, the connection that they share, the cohesion of that journey, the start of that journey that then splinters off and becomes so many different things from The Two Towers on — and I love those movies, too. They’re incredible, and they’re dynamic, and super emotional.”

Wood sees the value in each installment of the trilogy. However, Fellowship of the Ring is a real standout for the hobbit actor.

Wood continued: “But there is something really magical about The Fellowship of the Ring that is so beautiful, and I think, yeah, remains to be my favorite of the three films.”

The trilogy continues to inspire projects


‘Lord of the Rings’: How Elijah Woods Snagged Frodo’s Role

Lord of the Rings‘ source material will keep these stories in the mainstream forever. And Jackson’s films have already stood the test of time, as the fan base remains incredibly passionate.

The Hobbit movies tried to capture that same magic, although they didn’t manage to do so. They certainly didn’t succeed at reaching the critical achievements that the original trilogy managed to receive.

However, the magic of Lord of the Rings will continue to live on.

Next, Amazon is developing a Lord of the Rings television series that will be the most expensive show ever made.