‘Elite’ Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

Since 2018, Elite has captivated viewers across the Netflix platform. The Spanish teen drama follows the wealthy student body at Las Encinas, a prestigious academy in Spain. Ahead of the Elite Season 5 premiere, Netflix renewed the series for season 6. Also, the streaming service confirmed three-holiday themed episodes would be released. Here is everything we know so far about Elite Season 6 and the bonus holiday special.

When is ‘Elite’ Season 6 premiering on Netflix?

At the moment, Netflix has not confirmed a release date for Elite Season 6. But, the streaming service did announce three-holiday episodes would debut in December 2021. According to TVLine, the series would release holiday installments titled Elite: Short Stories. The trilogy includes “Phillipe, Caye, & Felipe” (Dec.15), “Samuel & Omar” (Dec. 20), and “Patrick” (Dec. 23). 

Who is returning for the sixth season?

Itzan Escamilla, and Miguel Bernadeu walking in a school hallway in 'Elite.'
Itzan Escamilla and Miguel Bernadeu | Netflix

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While the casting details for Elite Season 6 remain under wraps, two new cast members will appear in the next installment. According to Deadline, Argentinian actor Valentina Zenere (Soy Luna) and Brazilian actor André Lamoglia (Juacas) will join the ensemble cast. The Netflix series became an instant success on the platform. In 2019, more than 20 million households viewed the Spanish drama series.

Aside from the new cast members, Itzan Escamilla (Samuel), Omar Ayuso (Omar), Claudia Salas (Rebeka), Carla Díaz (Ari), Manu Ríos (Patrick), Martina Cariddi (Mencía), Diego Martín (Benjamín) are set to return for Elite Season 5. 

However, Miguel Bernardeau won’t return for the fifth season. The actor posted a video to the official Elite Twitter page, announcing his departure from the show. “Hey, this is Miguel Bernardeau, and for those who have already watched the finale of Elite Season 4, I wanted to say goodbye and send you a big hug,” he said in the one-minute clip. 

“Thank you to Netflix for giving us this opportunity, to the creators, and above all to Guzmán for teaching me that no matter where you are, it’s never too late to change. Goodbye,” he added.

Right now, it’s unknown if Arón Piper will return to the show. Piper, who plays Ander, has not made an official announcement like his co-star. The show ended with his character breaking up with his longtime boyfriend, Omar. Then, he leaves Spain to travel with his best friend, Guzmán. So, will Piper return to the series? For now, fans will have to wait and see for the next season.

What will happen in ‘Elite’ Season 6?

As of right now, the storyline for Elite Season 6 remains top-secret. But, the fifth season will most likely center around the season 4 finale. In the fourth season, Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) murdered Armando (Andrés Velencoso) with a flare gun. Shortly after, he told Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) and Rebe (Claudia Salas) about the murder. 

They helped Guzmán discard the body by dumping it in the lake. So, the fifth season might focus on Armando’s disappearance. At the moment, Netflix has not released the official synopsis for season 5 or season 6. But, knowing the characters in Elite, some fresh new drama will lead to conflict in the series. 

All four seasons of Elite are streaming now on Netflix.