Did Elizabeth Olsen Really Sing In ‘I Saw the Light’?

No one would have thought that Elizabeth Olsen would end up a bigger movie star than her two famous sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Especially when the two little girls shamelessly trashed their younger sister in one of their TV movies. But there’s no doubt that the younger Olsen sister is now as much a household name as the elder Olsens. And her career is just beginning. 

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Elizabeth Olsen’s career is bigger than Marvel

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Elizabeth Olsen is most famous for her role in the MCU. Taking the job has served Olsen well. She first appeared as the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Apparently, Elizabeth Olsen’s Marvel debut was so successful the studio green-lit a TV show. WandaVision is the latest installment in the Marvel universe. Being the Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, will likely bring Elizabeth Olsen endless acting jobs. She’s already filming Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Magicand there may be future seasons of WandaVision and other MCU movies after that. 

But Elizabeth Olsen’s career is bigger than the MCU. If she ever does take a break from Marvel, she’ll have no trouble landing leading roles in other movies or series. According to Bustle, she played Hank Williams’ wife in a biopic about the country star, I Saw the Light. Elizabeth Olsen took the job shortly before signing on with Marvel, but it proved she’s a leading lady, and that she’s multitalented. 

‘I Saw the Light’ had all the makings of a great biopic

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Audrey Williams may be Hank Williams’ wife, but don’t get confused. She wasn’t just a side character in I Saw the Light, just as she wasn’t just a tag-along in Hank Williams’ life. Audrey Williams was a musician in her own right, and although her husband is the household name, Elizabeth Olsen did right by her in the biopic. Fans saw firsthand how influential Audrey Williams was to her husband’s career, even though her own never took off.

Apparently, Audrey Williams didn’t have a great singing voice, which is something she struggled with. Her husband’s talent absolutely outshone hers, and while other women may have been content to play housewife to the great Hank Williams, Audrey wasn’t one of them. Elizabeth Olsen was able to portray the complicated nature of Audrey’s relationship with Hank, from their love to one another to the apparent professional jealousy. Hank Williams may have found professional success, but his personal life crumbled around him. He died at just 29 years old of apparent heart failure. His legacy, however, has endured. 

Did Elizabeth Olsen really sing in ‘I Saw the Light’?

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Because Audrey Williams didn’t have a great singing voice, Elizabeth Olsen had to actually make her voice sound worse for the movie. She sang all her own songs, as did her counterpart Hiddleston. Elizabeth Olsen claims that she’s not a great singer, but she impressed fans. The fact that she dumbed down her talent and still sounded great suggests that she has serious singing talent. 

According to an interview Elizabeth Olsen did with The Boot, she worked with professional singer Rodney Crowley to perfect Audrey’s singing voice. But she already had a basic knowledge of singing before she even took on the role of Audrey. “I’m not saying I sing great. I do have vocal control. I know what flat is, I know what sharp is, and I do know how to crack my voice.”

Elizabeth Olsen had to walk a fine line with her voice. She couldn’t make Audrey absolutely comically terrible, but she also couldn’t sing at her own level. She told The Boot “Because you can’t make her look like an insane person for thinking that she can [sing], and you don’t want to make him look like an insane person [for thinking she can’t], so you try to strike a balance there.”