Ellen DeGeneres Embarrassed Nicole Kidman With a Childhood Photo: ‘Can We Get That Off Now?’

Nicole Kidman is known for her incredible acting, and she’s visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show quite a few times. While Ellen DeGeneres certainly appreciates Kidman for her talent, she also loves making fun of the actor. And DeGeneres couldn’t help but pull up an old photo of Kidman that had Kidman running for the hills. Here’s what happened.

Ellen DeGeneres showed an embarrassing modeling photo of Nicole Kidman

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Back in 2018, Kidman visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the encounter she had with a giant tarantula in Los Angeles. Kidman explained her kids saw the huge spider in her backyard, so she captured it in a jar and released it by throwing it far away from her home. The story got plenty of laughs — but it was far from the only laughter that happened during the episode.

“Do you know what Throwback Thursday is, by any chance?” DeGeneres asked Kidman. And Kidman gave confirmation she’s familiar with the social media practice that involves posting an old photo on Thursdays.

“You hadn’t posted this yet, but we posted it for you,” DeGeneres then explained after putting up an old photo of Kidman from when the actor was 14 years old. And the photo shocked and embarrassed Kidman.

“I was 14 and they dyed my hair red,” Kidman explained. She then denied that she ever had a perm after DeGeneres asked and motioned for the photo to disappear. “Anyway, can we get that off now?” she added.

Others have made fun of Kidman for photos from the same era

Ellen DeGeneres from 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and Nicole Kidman
Ellen DeGeneres from ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and Nicole Kidman | Larry Busacca/WireImage

It seems Kidman’s modeling photos at 14 caused quite a stir with other talk show hosts. Entertainment Tonight notes she visited The Graham Norton Show back in 2016, and the infamous photo (that was from Dolly magazine) popped up then as well.

“I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I’m afraid Dolly magazine has shut its doors,” Graham Norton told Kidman. “Dolly magazine was very important to you when you were starting out, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah. I got on the cover of Dolly magazine,” Kidman explained. Then, another photo of a curly-haired teenaged Kidman appeared. This drew plenty of audience laughter.

After Norton called Kidman “stunning,” she questioned, “Are you being facetious?” And Norton continued on by showing even more photos of Kidman from that time. Everything from Kidman’s dyed-red hair to her outfits were mocked.

DeGeneres doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to poking fun at Kidman

Kidman takes jokes at her expense quite well. And she’s been made fun of plenty of times, especially by DeGeneres. The host once mocked Kidman for the way she clapped during an awards ceremony.

When Kidman appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2017, DeGeneres played a clip of Kidman clapping with just her palms and her fingers outstretched. “I don’t clap like that!” Kidman tried to defend while the clip played. “I do not clap like that! That is a weird lens!”

“The lens didn’t do it to anybody else’s fingers,” DeGeneres defended. “How can you make any noise like that? You’re not even really clapping.”

Then, Kidman gave a more thorough explanation of why she clapped in such a strange way. “You borrow these expensive jewels, and I’m like, ‘I must not damage these diamonds!’ Cause I have to give them back at midnight!”

We’re glad Kidman is consistently able to poke fun at herself. And we’re sure if she visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show again, there will be plenty more jokes in the future.

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