Ellie Goulding’s Pregnancy Took Her From Aspiring Vegan to Craving McDonalds

Ellie Goulding is a beloved singer/songwriter who has released such hit songs as “Love Me like You Do” and “Burn.” Well-known throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, she released her fourth studio album in 2020, proving that she has true staying power in the music industry. Goulding is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, and over the years, she’s opened up several times about the lengths she will go to to ensure her fitness. However, her recent foray into motherhood changed her diet significantly. The star admitted she started craving fast food during her pregnancy.

Ellie Goulding’s dedication to health and fitness

ellie goulding vegan
Ellie Goulding attends the GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2021 at Tate Modern on September 01, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Life in the spotlight means stars must always be on top of their game in terms of fitness. This is especially true for Goulding, who often performs long sets at festivals and stage shows. The star has discussed her willingness to try various health trends. In May 2020, she even admitted she will fast for up to 40 hours at a time. Goulding told The Mirror that fasting helps to reduce inflammation and that she only fasts for long hours under her doctor’s guidance.

“I do it very safely by having a purposefully nutritious food day the day before and after,” she said (via People). “On the fast day, I drink high-grade electrolytes and a LOT of water (plus tea and coffee).” Goulding doesn’t necessarily fast regularly, with the singer admitting on Twitter that she likes to eat a “huge amount” of food and loves to exercise.

How did pregnancy change Ellie Goulding’s diet?

Less than a year later, Goulding opened up to Vogue in an intimate interview. In February 2021, she revealed how her pregnancy changed her super-healthy eating habits. 

“I actually went from being smug about how healthy my salads were and my breakfasts and eating nuts and seeds, and then all I wanted was McDonald’s,” Goulding revealed. “And I was kind of terrified, I suddenly wanted all of the bad things! Whatever this baby did when it took over my body was like, Hell no—I do not want broccoli, spinach, collards! I just wanted sugar and carbs.

Ellie Goulding used to follow a vegetarian diet with vegan options

Before her pregnancy, the singer was a strict vegetarian, eating primarily fruits and vegetables. In a 2018 interview with The Cut, she talked about her journey to becoming healthier. “I’m trying to be a full vegan, I’ve been a vegetarian for six years,” Ellie Goulding said. “I was a vegetarian all the way through my teens as well. I’ll definitely never eat fish or meat again.” She listed vegan smoothies, rye toast, and juice as some of her staple snacks that she often reaches for during busy studio days. Her husband, whom Goulding described as a “carnivore,” loves hearty meals like pasta, but the singer happily prepares his meals anyway.

She also extolled the virtues of a vegetarian diet. “Being vegetarian opens you up to so much more, as you think more about wellness and better ways to get your protein other than meat,” she said. In the end, it’s all about balance for Goulding. “I’m of the mindset that you can take care of yourself without going too overboard,” she explained.

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