‘Elvis’: Fans React to the Most Baz Luhrmann Posters Ever

Elvis is an upcoming music biopic about Elvis Presley that is catching a whole lot of attention from fans young and old. The trailer immediately drew positive reactions, but not everybody is falling in love with other promotional materials. The newest Elvis posters are the most Baz Luhrmann things ever and fans have a lot to say about actor Austin Butler’s appearance.

The ‘Elvis’ trailer earned huge reactions from fans

'Elvis' posters with Austin Butler as Elvis Presley with a leather jacket, looking right at the camera.
Austin Butler as Elvis Presley | Warner Bros. Pictures

The official Elvis trailer hit the Internet this past February and fans instantly fell in love. It explored the pure nostalgia in his music, but it didn’t shy away from the difficulties that he faced over his career. Additionally, it has a “movie magic” quality to it that audiences quickly swooned over. Warner Bros. Pictures has a potentially big hit on its hands.

Presley is a multi-generational icon, so it’s a huge risk to make a movie about him that will delight longtime fans. Butler appears to give a fantastic performance in the Elvis trailer, but do fans think the same of his image on the posters? It looks like the consensus was much more universally positive regarding the initial trailer footage.

New ‘Elvis’ posters are out and reactions are mixed

The brand new Elvis posters are officially here and so are the fan reactions. Unlike the trailer, there isn’t necessarily a consensus. The most upvoted comment on Reddit says, “Well, these definitely look very Baz Luhrmann.” Several comments underneath poke fun at just how much of the filmmaker’s aesthetic is all over these posters. It echoes the visual quality of some of his earlier movies, such as The Great Gatsby.

“BAZ LUHRMANN presents a film directed by BAZ LUHRMANN with story by BAZ LUHRMANN and written by BAZ LUHRMANN,” wrote another Redditor. Other users joined to agree with the constant use of the filmmaker’s name all over the posters.

Meanwhile, others discussed whether Butler looks enough like Presley in the Elvis posters. One Redditor wrote that the actor only looks like the legend from the side profile.

Some Redditors criticized Butler’s Elvis makeup in the posters, calling it “drag makeup” and that his eyeliner “feels off.” Some of the folks on this side of the fence think the actor looks nothing like Presley and wonder why he was cast to begin with.

The music biopic could be an Oscars contender

Regardless of feelings toward the promotional materials, it’s clear that Redditors are still holding out hope for the final product. The Elvis trailer and posters are a clear indicator that it will follow in Luhrmann’s style that always serves pure excess. Some folks point at his film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, hoping that this actually does his subject justice.

Musical biopics, such as Bohemian Rhapsody, are often popular with Oscar voters. The Elvis posters note the film’s June 24 release date, but the movie could still hold award chances if it holds buzz through the remainder of the film season.

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