Elvis Presley’s Ex-Linda Thompson Shares ‘Truth’ After Fans Claim She’s ‘Erased’ From King’s History in New Biopic

The new Elvis Presley biopic Elvis details the personal and professional moments of the King of Rock and Roll. However, not all moments of Presley’s past were documented in the two-hour and 39-minute montage of his life. Some fans have taken issue with the fact that the motion picture took liberties with some aspects of Presley’s past, including his post-Priscilla Presley relationships, Linda Thompson and Ginger Alden. In the wake of Elvis‘ debut, his ex-Thompson took to Instagram to share her “truth” after fans claimed she’s been “erased” from the King’s history.

Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley pose together in a photograph taken in the early 1970s.
Linda Thompson and Elvis Presley | Jim James /PA Images via Getty Images

Linda Thompson was a pivotal part of Elvis Presley’s life for four years

Thompson began dating Presley shortly after winning the title of 1972 Miss Tennessee USA. They were a couple for four years until 1976, one year before Presley’s death.

She lived at his Memphis Estate, Graceland, with the entertainer during that time period.

In an interview with the official Elvis Presley Australia Fan Club, she said she first met the King of Rock and Roll after TG Shepard invited her to see a midnight film screening hosted by Presley, who rented out the theater for the occasion.

Thompson said when she first saw Presley that evening, he was a “vision.”

She said, “It was the middle of July in Memphis, and it was very humid, just sweltering. He had on this black cape with a high collar and a red satin lining, and I said, ‘dressed a little like Dracula, aren’t we?’ so you see, we both shared a sense of humor that was very much like the other.”

“We just hit it off immediately because we grew up in Memphis and had the same religious beliefs, love for our family, and devotion to our mother and father as well as the same sense of loyalty. We enjoyed the same cuisine because we were both Southerners,” Thompson continued.

Linda Thompson appeared to address her exclusion from the ‘Elvis’ film on Instagram

In a series of 10 photographs Thompson shared with Instagram, she appeared to address her exclusion from Presley’s history in the new Baz Luhrmann film.

Thompson took these images throughout the Graceland Estate accompanied by the following message.

“Wednesday wisdom. No one can ever take away your knowledge of the TRUTH. Your memories are indelibly etched forever—your significance and importance in the lives of others. Carve out your accomplishments and know your place in the world” she shared.

Thompson continued, “No one can ever take that away from you. Carry the dignity of authenticity and wear it like a crown of honor! Your history and the grace in which you handle it is your legacy,” Thompson captioned the photo series.

Fans said she was ‘erased’ from Presley’s life in the biopic

In the comments section of the above Instagram post, Thompson’s fans addressed her exclusion from the film.

Instead of featuring his relationships with Thompson and Ginger Alden, who was Presley’s fiance at the time of his death, Elvis focused squarely on his union with his wife, Priscilla Presley.

However, Thompson’s admirers have not forgotten just how pivotal a mark she made on the entertainer.

“You were a huge part of Elvis’s life. No movie can diminish your time with him. I was a kid in the 70s, and I saw your picture with Elvis in all the magazines. You are a class act and widely admired,” wrote one fan.

“Although I am excited about the movie, I was also afraid of this. It is again that spin that there was only Priscilla in his life. To deny and erase these women, including you, doesn’t make his story real cause I think you all had a place in his heart and shaped him,” penned a second follower.

“Linda, please remember all of us that know the truth and the many more after, who will learn the real story,” claimed a third Instagram user.

They continued, “Elvis was amazing, and the fact that he is still so prominent 45 years later confirms how amazing he was. But that does not mean that the loss for him does not get any easier. The love grows. I applaud you for always taking the high road. It’s not always easy, but it does not go unnoticed.”

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