Elvis Presley: The One Vegetable the King Hated Most of All

Elvis Presley appeared to be a man of singular tastes when it came to food. Presley enjoyed old-fashioned Southern cuisine, most of all, foods that were rooted in his childhood. However, there were certain things he did not like. One of these foods included a vegetable that Presley forbade others to eat in his presence and would not allows Graceland cooks to prepare in his home.

Elvis Presley eating a sandwich minus the one vegetable he hated.
Elvis Presley | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Elvis Presley banned this one food at Graceland

The King of Rock and Roll was not a fan of certain foods beloved by other members of the Graceland household.

However, Presley banned one food from the kitchen at Graceland.

The kitchen never prepared fish.

During a virtual tour of the estate, Graceland archivist Angie Marchese once revealed Presley did not like fish.

Express reported Marchese answered fan queries during that time regarding Presley’s likes and dislikes regarding food.

“Anything but fish. He didn’t like the smell of fish being cooked in the house. There was never any fish in the house,” Marchese claimed.

Elvis Presley hated this one vegetable

Presley’s dislike of a particular vegetable was discussed in a YouTube video by his cousins Danny and Billy Smith.

Danny admitted: “Elvis wasn’t real fond of onions and strong-smelling seasonings.”

His father, Billy, recalled Presley didn’t like the vegetable’s taste or smell.

The topic came up as Billy prepared a Presley favorite called Italian Popcorn Turkey.

The dressing included cornbread and Italian seasoning.

Billy said: “When it comes to onion, we didn’t use it. He didn’t like it. So we just left it out of the dressing.”

If Elvis Presley smelled this vegetable on your breath, he let you know he didn’t like it

A photograph of a bushel of onions in Bari, Italy.
Onions | Donato Fasano/Getty Images

When family and friends were outside of Graceland, they were free to eat what they enjoyed.

However, if Presley smelled onions on your breath he let you know he was not a fan.

Billy recalled, “One night, he called me out there [to Graceland]. He wanted me to wash his eyes. That’s when he had glaucoma.

“I had eaten a hamburger with onion on it. Well, I brushed my teeth and went out there,” he continued.

After assisting Presley, Billy said the entertainer realized he had eaten the nefarious vegetable.

Presley said, “Hell, I can tell you been eatin’ onion.”

His cousin replied: “Yeah, I had a hamburger with onion. Is it bothering you?”

Presley said: “Well, it’s not thrilling me.”

Billy asked Presley if he wanted him to stop cleaning his eyes.

Elvis quipped: “No, I want you to quit eating onion.”

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