Elvis Presley’s Future Mother-in-Law Sued the Presley Estate After He Died to Ensure They Paid for Her Backyard Swimming Pool

Elvis Presley was engaged to Ginger Alden before his death, and the story of their romance has become quite controversial. Ginger wrote about her life with The King in her autobiography, Elvis & Ginger. And she’s also talked extensively about how she and her family really felt about her romance with Presley.

In an old interview, Ginger was asked about her mother suing the Presley estate over her home costs and a backyard swimming pool. Here’s what really went down.

Elvis Presley promised to pay off Ginger Alden’s mother’s home before he died

Elvis Presley with his girlfriend, Ginger Alden, in March 1977 | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Ginger’s entire family appears to have fond memories of Presley. And it seems Presley loved to provide them with money and gifts when he could. Jo Laverne Alden, Ginger’s mother, appeared to have a particularly close relationship with the musician — and, according to CaseBriefs, Presley promised to pay for Jo’s divorce and the debt that was still on her home before his death.

Unfortunately, Presley died before all of Jo’s debts could be paid. But Jo insisted that she shouldn’t have to pay off the debts, as they were meant to be paid by the musician. Ultimately, Jo filed a suit to have the Presley estate pay, but the courts did not rule in her favor. The trial court decided Presley promising to pay off Jo’s debts were a gift, thus the estate wasn’t responsible.

Jo appealed the decision, and the trial court’s ruling was then reversed, as the courts decided the promise Presley gave was actually enforceable by law. The Presley estate wasn’t happy with this, though, and they then appealed to the Supreme Court of Tennessee. Ultimately, the Aldens lost.

Ginger talked about her mother suing the Presley Estate for money

Ginger Alden (L), Elvis Presley's former girlfriend, is shown with her mother, Jo Alden
Ginger Alden (L), Elvis Presley’s former girlfriend, is shown with her mother, Jo Alden, outside the courtroom | Bettmann/Getty Images

Jo suing the Presley estate post-Presley’s death seemed to cause the Alden family some bad press. And Ginger talked about it in an interview. Elvis Australia noted Ginger was asked about the situation during an in-depth interview after Presley died.

“When Elvis very generously offered to buy a new home for my mother, he acted as if it was nothing out of the ordinary for him to do this,” Ginger explained. Ginger then explained that her mother liked her home, so Presley offered to pay off the home Jo already had instead. “At that time, Elvis even went a step further and informed my mother that not only would he like to pay for her home but he would also like to have some landscaping put in and a swimming pool installed,” Ginger continued.

“Elvis proceeded with his plans,” Ginger added. “Two large trees were placed in our front yard and a contract was drawn up to install a swimming pool.” Ginger noted the pool was installed shortly after Presley’s unexpected death. “Shocked and realizing she had quit her job, my mother felt that she had no choice but to file a lawsuit against the estate to ensure that Elvis’ known promises and intentions were fulfilled.”

Ginger concluded the tale by stating her family ultimately lost the battle when it was taken to the Supreme Court.

Ginger’s had to ‘ignore some things’ said about her

Ginger Alden
Ginger Alden visits the SiriusXM Studios on Sept. 4, 2014 | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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While Presley clearly loved the Aldens and wanted to help with their finances, it seems many were skeptical of Ginger’s intentions. But Ginger noted Presley used to tell her that she needed to forget about what others are saying.

“Well, what Elvis said about ‘killing it and getting it behind you’ when people say negative things about you or learning how to bow out gracefully,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’ve had to ignore some things said or written about me and move forward and I’ll be forever grateful for that advice.”

We’re glad Ginger was able to put the past behind her and focus on all of her fond memories with Presley.

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