‘Emily in Paris’ Fans Need to Watch This Netflix Series ASAP for Authentic French Content

There is a roster of new shows that just dropped on Netflix, and viewers are flocking to the streaming service to bookmark their next binge. One new show that has earned significant buzz in recent weeks is Emily in Paris, a series created by Darren Star, the driving force behind the Sex and the City series.

Although the show, which stars Lily Collins, has received top marks from fans, critics are divided, with many slamming the series for excessive cliché use. Still, for those who are looking for their next French-themed streaming obsession, there’s another Netflix tv show that might perfectly fill the void.

What is ‘Emily in Paris’ about?

Lily Collins as Emily in Netflix series 'Emily in Paris.'
Lily Collins as Emily in Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris.’ | STEPHANIE BRANCHU/NETFLIX

Emily in Paris made its Netflix debut in early October 2020. The series revolves around the exploits of Emily, a young American woman who moves to France to pursue an exciting job opportunity. Her time in Paris is far from easy, as she struggles with culture shock, as well as the universal struggles of work-life balance and the pursuit of love.

Full of fabulous fashion (which is not surprising, considering the involvement of Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City), humor, and romance, Emily in Paris features an impressive cast, including Lucas Bravo and Ashley Park. The series is hot on Netflix at the moment, and fans are finding plenty to enjoy. However, critics don’t have very complimentary things to say about the new show. 

Critics aren’t loving ‘Emily in Paris’

While Emily in Paris has earned some praise, mainly due to the charming style of the leading character and the way that the series occasionally pays homage to Sex and the City, the positive reviews are outweighed by the not-so-flattering ones. Many critics have accused the show of being overly stereotypical in the way that it portrays both French and American cultures. 


One of the most damning criticisms of Emily in Paris is the one that claims that Emily herself is a one-dimensional character, who doesn’t really experience any growth throughout the course of the series. Some critics have stated that Emily comes off as incredibly arrogant, a character who is unwilling to let go of her preconceived notions of the French culture, therefore never really allowing herself to experience the city of Paris as it truly is. 

That said, fans can attest that during a global pandemic, Emily in Paris offers an escape from the severity of everything going on in the world.

Netflix has an underrated French series that fans should binge


‘Emily In Paris’: Who Is Lucas Bravo, the Actor Who Plays Gabriel In the New Netflix Series?

For those viewers who have been swayed by the negative reviews of Emily in Paris, but still have a real craving for French-inspired entertainment, there is another option.

The Hook Up Plan is a French-made series that originally debuted on Netflix in late 2018, with the second season premiering in October 2019. The Hook Up Plan is only the second French series produced for Netflix and has the added benefit of being devastatingly charming and funny.

The series tells the story of Elsa, played by Zita Hanrot, as she struggles to let go of her affection for the ex-boyfriend that she broke up with two years prior. Her friends, in an attempt to break her out of the funk that she’s in, decide to hire a male escort to take her out on the town for a few dates.

Needless to say, things don’t quite go according to plan. Hilarious and heartfelt, The Hook Up Plan features a roster of talented stars, including Marc Ruchmann and Sabrina Ouazani. Additionally, fans are loving the series, with viewers taking to social media to praise The Hook Up Plan.

For viewers who want a taste of real French culture — or just another France-based series to watch — The Hook Up Plan might just be the perfect option!