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It may seem as if Emma Watson simply stumbled into playing Hermione Granger. But securing the role of a lifetime was certainly easier said than done for the actor. Despite not having any professional acting training, Watson was bound and determined to win a spot in the Harry Potter cast. The actor spent countless hours working on her audition to ensure that she was the preferred candidate for the role.

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson looks over her shoulder in a black dress
Emma Watson | Gary Gershoff/WireImage

How did Emma Watson get the opportunity to audition for the ‘Harry Potter’ movies?

Thanks to her dad, Watson fell in love with Hermione when she was simply a character in a book. The Bling Ring actor’s father would read her excerpts of the Harry Potter books on long car rides. And when Watson learned that the novels were being made into movies, she decided she wanted a place in the cast. Fortunately, the producers came to Watson’s school looking for people her age to audition for roles.

The movie star always knew that she was destined to play Hermione Granger

Though there were plenty of roles to fill, Watson always knew that she was going out for Hermione. She’d always felt connected to the intelligent witch and was sure that she was the right person to bring her to life. Fortunately, the producers saw something in Watson at her school and she was extended the opportunity to audition for the role.

Watson would go through eight rounds of auditions before she was officially given a role in the Harry Potter cast. But throughout the entire process, the 9-year-old was giving it her all. She refused to rest on her laurels and attacked each audition with a ton of enthusiasm and dedication. For the very first audition, the actor spent an entire day perfecting her lines so she could make sure her audition tape was as strong as possible.

Watson did 27 takes of her very first ‘Harry Potter’ audition

“I really believe that you have to earn things,” Watson explained to GQ UK. “I don’t feel comfortable unless I have worked really hard. I worked hard to get Hermione, and my mum has a video I did for the first audition and she has me doing the same take over and over, like 27 times, from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon and I was just relentless. I wasn’t sure I wanted to act, but I was sure I wanted this part.”


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Fortunately, Watson’s determination paid off for her. Against all odds, she was able to land the role of Hermoine. This, of course, would change the entire trajectory of her life. The Brown University alum would spend over a decade playing the intelligent witch and it remains her most memorable role to date. Clearly, she was on to something when she decided that she was the one who needed to bring Hermoine to life.